Monday, May 08, 2017

Probably Not The Place For This

Eli has been watching the reports on today's Senate hearing which features the Ted Cruz - Sally Yates death match.  The general feeling is that Yates did to Cruz what Macron did to Le Pen.  However, rather than getting too deeply into the legal parts of their interchange, the Rabett would like to point out that Yates READ most of her initial answer to Cruz (starting at 1:49 in the video below).

She was clearly prepared for the question.

You might ask what little birdy whispered in her ear, well, let's go to the video from three months ago

Somebunny was paying attention.


Everett F Sargent said...

Well Teddy sure stepped into a burning bag of sh1t on his own front porch, now didn't he?

Now Teddy will launch an investigation of who leaked his questions to Yates just to find out that he was the guilty party.

Just another convicted klown others find foolish.

Anonymous said...

Last November Ted Cruz hinted that he'd accept a nomination to the Supreme Court, should such a nomination be offered by the incoming president.

The ease with which Yates dismantled his lazy legal argument (and disemboweling him with a few cool sentences) is a reflection of how ludicrously inflated his self-esteem must be.

Bryson said...

I seem to recall that Cruz's father basically raised him as the saviour reborn... Seems it took (at least in Cruz's strange little mind).

Suwannee Dave said...

I guess Mr. Cruz has never heard of the Nuremberg Defense and its subsequent repudiation

Russell Seitz / Bright Water said...

Meanwhile South of the Great Wall of Cruz, I mean Border, news of 2000 years of Rebbet appeciation