Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reverse Auction Referees Reports: Longer Than a Tweet, Shorter Than a Post

Eli notes periodical (every 6.77 months) discussions about why the hell has my paper not been reviewed in six months and the double reverse, who the hell has time symphony.  The bunny has a simple suggestion, editors should send their begs with an accompanying set of set of rules, For example

1. Do the review in ten days and win $30
2,   Do the review in twenty days and win $15
3.    Take longer and we have a list of where to send your next paper.
Now somebunnies will argue that the publishers are going broke as it is, but think, they could surely offer discounts on the next set of publication charges, Even better they could offer transferable certificates that could be traded for such things as pizzas and maybe even lab supplies.  A chocolate bar or even a carrot in the mail would go far with Eli.

Of course, some have seen the light.  Unfortunately none that Eli reviews for


James Annan said...

Yes to that but it should be proper money not peanuts. Unless you want monkeys...

EliRabett said...

Follow the last link $350 ain't peanuts although, as Frontiers has found out, grad students will work for pizza.

Milo Anderson said...

Book publication business has declined as a result of online publications so I think its a good initiative to offer some cash money as prize.