Saturday, May 09, 2015

My little California DISCLOSE Act video project

Been working on this for a bit, making fair use of snips from the Star Wars trailers to highlight legislation to reform the California political process:

I think it's working now - had some hiccups yesterday. for more info.


Fernando Leanme said...

Needs work. I would copy the voice tone of the guy who does "how to persuade others with the right questions", YouTube showed it after your video ended. The deep voice sounds too melodramatic.

Russell Seitz said...

Aren't you afraid of voters falling asleep after they see the words Soros and Heinz a few thousand times ?

Brian said...

Fernando - you'd have to take up the deep voice issue with LucasFilm.

Russell - Heinz? Where, in Pennsylvania?

Russell Seitz said...

Brian, Heinz is mostly spelled Tides nowadays.