Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Another April Fools Prank

About four months ago the first view CO2 data was released from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory covering October to November and the blogs of science denial went mad.

tallbloke says:
It could get interesting at Paris when ‘the west’ demands huge sums of money from Brazil and the forested African and Asian nations for their countries’ huge net CO2 emissions, no?

From Bishop Hill
Is the "data" 'unfiltered', 'raw', 'unadjusted'? Who decides the colours? How is the "measurement" depiction calibrated and against what 'gold' absolute? What are the normative values / colours?...please don't keep me in suspense....I'm simply dying to know.

and a quote from Uncle Murry
Large values, in yellow and red, are a signature of source regions. Notice, they are not found in the industrialised centres - the Ohio river valley of the US, or western Europe or even China. Rather, they appear in the Amazon basin, tropical Africa and South East Asia. Those regions have little human population, let alone industrialisation
Murry Salby
Eli tried to play nice
This pattern has been observed from space for many years by GOSAT and SCIAMACHY. The part of the pattern shown here emphasizes agricultural burning across Brazil and Central Africa. You can get an idea of the pattern changes over a year here. Also here but not so prettified but with some links to papers.
Finally, it's a new year, try not to be so silly.
But it did not really work

Haha, that's some pretty widespread "agricultural burning". You'd think someone might have noticed.


"Finally, it's a new year, try not to be so silly." That's rich coming from someone who thinks he's a rabbit.
To be honest, some others stepped up to the plate
If you look at the time lapse simulation of CO2 concentrations here:
And stop it around 2006/10/14 it matches the OCO map quite well, really no surprises. According to the audio on the time lapse simulation the higher CO2 levels in South America and Africa are indeed from the burning of fires. The CO2 hotspot near Greenland is a result of a swirling motion from the CO2 produced in the USA.
I'm with Judith Curry on this one, the evidence for man made CO2 increase by burning carbon fuels is extremely robust.
The evidence that rising CO2 concentrations in the PPM range will change the climate or cause significant warming is, on the other hand, very weak.
Jan 2, 2015 at 3:31 PM | Unregistered CommenterRedbone
Stephen Richards
Actually Eli Rabett is correct - you can see maps of fire activity here, and if you scroll on to October 2014 you can clearly see the fires in Brazil and southern Africa.
Jan 2, 2015 at 4:15 PM | Registered CommenterRichard Betts

Willard Tony excelled

NASA’s new Orbiting Carbon Observatory shows potential tectonically-induced CO2 input from the ocean?

Guest essay by Martin Hovland, Geophysiscist and Professor Emeritus, Center for Geobiology, University of Bergen, Norway

Eli will leave the comments to Sou, especially since WT and his merry trolls (yes you Smokey) terminate Eli's erudite comment with, well, regular regularity.  Blame yourselves boys.

The OCO-2 team has now established a site for data release and shown a few products including the Nov 21 to December 29 measurements

which show, among other things, some continued agricultural burning in Africa, and increases in the northern hemisphere which de-greened in the late fall, resulting in low absorption of CO2 emissions, both natural and from us.  Marty Hovland's volcanoes  have taken time off to go to the beach.

There was another interesting map released showing recent nadir views (which only make sense over land)

These agree quite well with earlier satellite measurements.  Of course, by next April there will be a map of annual emissions and Eli can have more fun

There was one interesting question @ the good Bishop's, why the OCO-2 was not in polar orbit so CO2 over the poles could not be measured.  The usual conspiracy theories were hatched, but the answer simply is that OCO-2 was designed to and now is flying with the A-train, a series of Earth observatories that are in (EXCERT ELI'S MISTAKE HERE - see corrections in comments from Ken and Magma) sun synchronous polar orbit.  OCO-2 cannot observe at high latitudes because of the sun angle that is needed for observations

Eli gives you the Duke for your listening pleasure


Unknown said...

Just a correction. The A-train constellation is in fact in a polar orbit. It is in a sun synchronous polar orbit. I think the instrumentation prevents it from taking CO2 measurements over ice and snow.

Anonymous said...

From the OCO-2 data home page: "The limits on OCO-2 observations at high latitudes to the north and south are imposed by the required Sun angle for data acquisition."

Looking at the maps, I expect we'll see more northerly data acquisition during the NH summer, and will lose some of the southernmost coverage.

JohnMashey said...

See also Cheshire Claim: Rupert Darwall Copies Satellite CO2 Nonsense From Murry Salby for a detailed dissection.
Salby mis-used SCIAMACHY and Darwall ran with it, a year after Salby's implosion.


This is the 100th anniversary of what may be the largest anthropogenic forest fire event- long before the Brazilian frontier lit up, the Trans Siberian railroad exposed a 5,000 kilometer swath of boreal climax forest to ignition, and the first hot drought year after its construction saw an area the size of Germany incinerated, emitting uncounted teragrams of smoke and CO2 as the forest floor ignited along with the trees .

Unknown said...

'That's rich coming from someone who thinks he's a rabbit'

I nominate this as the smartest thing said by a climate denier. Ever.

EliRabett said...

Unfortunately those Russians did not have their anti crash video cameras working at the time