Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Gift

Gregory Thompson, an oceanographer,  has reduced the IPCC WG1 report to a series of 19 illustrated Haiku which can be reproduced as a booklet.  The perfect gift for bunnies who care, and, alas, do not.  The entire series is available at Sightline as a file from which a booklet can be printed or as slides.  There is a video, Eli imagines the phone app will soon appear.


Russell Seitz said...

A short list of authors
Of poems worth remembering
G. Johnson not on it

EliRabett said...

A short list of poems
About the IPCC WG!
And Greg Johnson is on it

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Doctor Seitz
would appreciate these haiku
set in Italian?

Russell Seitz said...

A stuffed owl
A bunny hops in
The sound of slaughter