Thursday, October 10, 2013

Poster Presentations

Eli has noted some spiffy (tells you how old the Bunny is) artwork motivated by the IPCC report, and thought he would provide a Poster Session.  Late submissions will be considered by the committee.

Eli will start with Gavin's take on the AR5's POV of climate forcing and the changes therein.  Welcome back Gavin, we need you.  As to the rest of the Real Climate crew (ok, not Stefan), get off your butts, the public outreach of Real Climate is worth ten papers in GRL. For those others out there in AGU/AMS/EGU land without your own blogs or even with, consider strongly contributing to Real Climate (if you have some snark on your chest, Eli is always welcoming)

To an old bunny, some of the comments on how this evolved from Hansen, et al, 1981, miss the point about how hard it was to draw figures and graphs way back then.  LeRoy lettering sets were state of the art, now they sell on Ebay as antiques, cheap ones, but collectable all the same

 but no one should forget Joe's contribution in the comments (read the comments bunnies, you might learn something:)

From Skeptical Science, by way of HE Taylor at A Few Things Ill Considered

Then we have Mary Harte on the IPCC Consensus

Somewhat peripheral, but how about Gary Trudeau on the power of NO!!! tying it all together

Eli hears that the Power of No has put up Nicola "Stellar" Scafetta for the North Carolina Coastal Commission.  This is especially amusing as from Cape Hattarass on north, their coastal islands are under serious threat from the unflat sea, as part of the Northeast Hot Spot


The Old Man is back said...

Hi Eli, It's been so long I thought you'd all left for the coast.

Lo Scafetto has been up to his old tricks:

though actually I'm ore intersted in people's responses to Ostberg et al.

The Old Man is back said...

Oh, and where do we send the food parcels?

Anonymous said...

Eunice is wondering if global CO2 emissions might start declining soon.

The Old Man is back said...

Late submission: where do we send late submission, prof?

Wiley Coyote said...

Dear Mr. Dr. Professor Rabbit,

I wish to apologize once again for the lengthy interlude in correspondence, necessitated by certain less-than-fortunate events that have been more occupatory, with respect to available time and resources, then one might in ideal circumstances prefer. Still further delays in running the utility lines from Yuma out to our particular patch of sand and saguaro has not helped matters, and I suppose one too many nights with the Tequila and our new-found stargazing ecotourism company has not had some effect as well.

Anyway, we are, as ever, hoping you are well and think of you often, especially when we fire up the rocket skates. For what it may be worth, an informal opinion poll here prefers the colored graphics herein, thinking they represent a better balance of the vital interplay between information content and aesthetic appeal.

I am, as ever, your sincerely.


EliRabett said...

EliRabett2003 the location is yahoo.

Brian Dodge said...

Trudeau missed "no to money provided by the EPA to study streams that would be harmed by fracking."