Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rabett Run, Where You Read It Before It Happens, Unless You Forget It In the Meantime

Some recent things have shown Eli how nothing changes.  Stuff that was a farce back then remains a farce today,  It's not that history occurs first as tragedy then as comedy, it always was comedy.  Now and again, Eli points out that Rabett Run is the Onion of climate blogging, America's best news source where you read it before it happens.

To frame this discussion Eli was reading Climate of Gavin

Eli thought this left something important out
A couple of days ago the Run featured an interchange between Roger Pielke Jr and Michael Mann, no strangers they to the climate wars

Heartland has been notified.  Roger sorely put upon.   How dare they.  Whoo boy read the entire thing and you will need to wash the spit off.

A bit of poking in the archives and what turns up :)  Surprise, Roger played this tune before back when in 2012, big surprise to him, Heartland listed him as a Heartland Expert.  Knew nothing about it but the same lots of indignation that anybunny dare think he was a Heartland Expert (Heartland took it down too).  Even more spit.

Now some, not Eli to be sure, might think that this is a little close to 3), just enough implausible denial that you can't quite pin stuff on Roger, but strange that he didn't recall Act I.  Very strange.

Some, not Eli to be sure, might think that Roger is quite happy to cuddle in with Heartland as long as no one calls him on it, and if you do, be sure that he will react with indignation and bad words.

Gotta get back to science.  This is too depressing.


Rattus Norvegicus said...

That is one of the funniest twitter exchanges I have seen. Bravo RPJr, deny everything!


One of the few things more depressing than republican PR flaks inventing friends is democrats reinventing folks to add them to an enemies list.

EliRabett said...

Rattus: The blog exchange btw Joe Romm and Roger is, if anything even better IEHO.

Vive said...


E. Swanson said...

Yesterday (24 April), EPA administrator Scott Pruitt released a proposed regulation which would require that regulatory decisions by the EPA must be supported by studies for which the data is publicly released. As noted on WattsUpWithThat, the EPA recorded the PR "event" on YouTube, the meat of which appears about 42 minutes into the video.


During the time before the start of the "event", there are periods where the crowd is seen milling in front of the empty podium. One of the guests of this "by-invitation-only" event is William Happer, a well known member of the denialist camp and candidate for Trump's Science Advisor. It would be interesting to learn who were the other guests at this game changing event.


EliRabett said...

Steve Milloy and Marc Morano amongst others. There are picture. It is sad

EliRabett said...

Such a rich tableau

Starting from the end, the whine of the decade

The exchange

and a tweet or two
with some comments

Hank Roberts said...

So hold on -- somebody spoofed Heartland, got inside claiming to be RPJr., gave them climate advice .... who was that person?

And why isn't there an effort being made to track down whoever it was that Heartland thought was RPJr.?

There have been a lot of these political false-flag operations lately. Someone spun Heartland by pretending to be an honest broker.

Track them down, Internet!

Maybe Heartland has security cameras?