Saturday, April 21, 2018

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Recently the how to say it wars have picked up again and Eli thought he would have one.  Now some, not Eli to be sure, might think that there is neither rhyme nor reason over here, but a couple of things have popped up which have helped Eli recognize he has to be more like he was.  Also blog more, perhaps tweet less.

A watchword in the house of Eli is that when somebunny gives Ms. Rabett a hard time, she points to Eli and says:  Eli, you know how your are, be that way.  Sad to say after November 2016 the Bunny has been way too serious.  The point was brought home by an interview with one of the Parkland kids who was asked how do you deal with the gun nuts,

He provides a good answer.  Eli never has had to deal with the volume that the Parkland group has, but a bit comes his way, and Hogg's answer was pretty close to how Eli's position in the game of Climateball.

Over the last year, Eli has been increasingly caught up in the bullshit.  That is not the way to go because it validates the trolls.  The only response to idiocy that works is humor, turning fears and conspiracy theorists into jokes.

And when the conspiracy theorists clutch pearls and whine that you are not taking them seriously, well yeah.  It would be hard to, even if a bunny wanted to.

Responding seriously gives too much credit. They are only going to be taken seriously if you take them seriously, so why take them seriously?

David Hogg makes another point, when someone with a platform, a Laura Ingraham, goes after you, don't go after them, go after their money, their sponsors.  Don't go after the think tanks,find their sponsors and ask if they want to be associated with the nonsense. And yes, if one of your dearest friends is on an expert panel of Heartland, send them a tweet.


jrkrideau said...

I admired the "go after their money" tactic.

Fernando Leanme said...

I like watching infowars on YouTube because they are opposed to USA foreign policy moves such as wasting $140 million to destroy two empty warehouses and a few buildings in Syria. I'm afraid the rest of this post sort of escapes me. Mixing a video about a nerdy high school kid with tweets by Michael Mann sure left me confused.

EliRabett said...

Look up Serengeti Strategy Fernando. Let your imagination run wild.

Fernando Leanme said...

Eli, the Climate Denier Special Forces Academy, located in Nevada, teaches the Scientist Isolation Techniques as part of the Siberia Strategy, but I never heard of the Serengeti Strategy. To be honest, that Michael Mann is doing such a good job with his conspiracy theories about oil engineers putting listening devices in his teeth and melting Arctic sea ice to raise sea level, that we would rather keep him on payroll via grants we make anonymously to have him work ways to cool Pleistocene temperatures using aluminum isotope samples from Tibetan musk oxen.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Fernando.

Anonymous said...

My compliments on RPjr's elegant use of language;-

"Mann has been informed of the facts.
Heartland has been notified."

Mann is an entity capable of being informed, implying accepting and understanding it.
Heartland is only capable of receiving notification.

Does this imply that Mann is more culpable for repeating the lie than Heartland for inventing it ?

EliRabett said...

It was an interesting exchange.

barry said...

Did anyone (with a Twitter Account) search up to see if Mann corrected the record after Pielke Jr got Heartland to remove his name from the report?

EliRabett said...




Although FWIW, Mann is somewhat not impressed with Heartland's disavowel. Until Teh Auditors have the Emails tho. . .


The Serengeti Strategy is when they clear cut the middle of Nantucket to improve new golf course & McMansion views, and the natives express their displeasure by coming in the dead of night to erect life-sized giraffe and wildebeast cut-outs.