Saturday, April 07, 2018

Pruitt's Sweetheart Deal Was With an Energy Lobbyist, Not Just the Wife

Seems like a minor point, but it's artificially lowering the level of sleaze to say Pruitt was only getting a sweet deal from the energy lobbyist's wife, and not from him.

Steve Hart's name was originally on the lease, presumably because he owns or co-owns the property through the LLC (really, a LLC for your residence? Seems like he planned something fishy from the beginning, although maybe he's just got a little empire going). Crossing his name off the contract doesn't remove his ownership interest in the property that Pruitt was renting.

The framing of this issue soft-pedals what's actually happened with this penny-ante corruption. Pruitt got a great deal on a property owned by energy lobbyist, who without a doubt was happy to tell his clients that the EPA Administrator lived in his condo.

For the Republican leadership, draining the swamp is only meant literally, not figuratively.



"Pruitt's Sweetheart Deal Was With an Energy Lobbyist, Not Just the Wife"

Cue Vanity Fair and National Enquirer cover articles pointing out that

Barbara Boxer lived in the same building.

Phil said...

Barbara Boxer was paying $5000 per month for the same condo building. Same landlord?

Vanity Fair brings up some other points.

EliRabett said...

Air bnb rates in that area