Wednesday, September 04, 2013

WTF, Let's Vote

In an ueber weird commercial the German Metalworkers Union puts up on YouTube what may be the single greatest get out the vote ad ever

A rough transcript of the text to juice up the Aussies out there who also have an election coming up, even though they have to vote.

0:05   Germany chills out
0:13   All the important stuff in 2013 has been decided
0:30   Really, already decided?
0:48   On September 22 the cards will be mixed again
0:51   (Merkel)  This government has been the most successful in Germany since the reunification . .
0:57    (Steinbrueck SDP)  This government thinks that they can slide through . .
1:00    (FDP = libertarians) Only one thing can beat the, the FDP itself
1:04    National election 2013
1:07    Problems there are aplenty
1:12    No joy from a lousy job?
1:16    Too few nursery places?  R. Tol appears
1:23    Rather retire earlier?
1:29    Better education?
1:36    Equality?
1:38    It's not so easy, first you have one house, and then another
1:40    You can never have enough
14:2    Right now we have an asocial market economy, not a social one
1:46    You have a voice, use it
1:56    September 22 is the election
2:01   It's close
2:07   It's difficult
2:11   It's gonna be dirty
2:17   Unexpected coalitions will emerge
2:25   It's time to beat on the table
2:32   Push!
2:39   Onwards to the election!
2:46   Vote!!
2:51   So, let's discuss this a bit further


Tom Curtis said...

Worth watching just for the goal.

bill said...

Thanks, Eli, for a bit of light relief, because that Aussie election you mentioned is going to be a disaster, and we'll be seeing out the decade - at least - with Teh Stoopid firmly in charge.

Please, non-Antipodeans, remember; we're not all as crazy as Tony!

But, sadly, many are... I assume we'll realign with the civilised world somewhere down the track, but the sound you're not hearing is me holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Bill!

The choice is between Dumb and Dumber. Looking like it's going to be Dumber's turn.


jrkrideau said...

Certainly beats the Harper Cons' attack ads we see in Canada

Anonymous said...

"even though they have to vote".

They can make us turn up at a polling place and get our names marked off the voting rolls, but they can't make us cast a valid vote!

Obscene pictures are a time-honoured alternative for those who feel disenfranchised (where paper-and-pencil ballots are available).

Not that I'm advocating that, of course (which would be a breach of the Electoral Act), but I do expect a higher than usual number of "informal" votes this time around.

Great ad, BTW.


Ed Darrell said...

Wonderful use of video, no?

Who is the genius behind that? Can we hire them for the U.S.?

Gaz said...

This election is shaping up to be very disappointing, and not just because we in Australia will end up with a bogus climate change policy that will cost us billions when we inevitably have to go back to the price-on-carbon policy that's been running for only a bit over a year now.

In a range of policy areas - climate, fiscal policy, water catchment management, asylum seekers , etc - the voters are showing that they're, on balance, not really capable of resisting cynical scaremongering.

Technically complex or morally difficult issues can be too easily sidetracked into simplistic emotional button-pushing.

It's particularly sad that the turnout among young people (voting starts at 18, but many haven't registered to vote) will be low by our standards, because they feel there's nothing in it for them.

I guess they'll learn too late that there was a lot in for them and they let it slip.

EliRabett said...

Gaz show em the video! - Eli

Anonymous said...

I beg your forbearance Brer Eli, but I've been caught by the moderation queue at Deltoid. I hope that you'll let me park this here so that I can link to it.

You may need to spray for cockroaches...

Stu 2 asked:

"Where’s your proof of these assertions...?

It's not as if it's not there in our faces. Anyone who has taught at the tertiary (or even secondary by all accounts) level for the last several decades will no doubt have seen a lamentable increase in the mediocre proportion of the educated public.

But don't take people's words for it. There is hard data...

The tottering state of science understanding in Australia was widely discussed several months ago, for example:


The Index Mundi describes Australians as literate, although their definition is slightly nebulous. Still, even their data says that literacy is down:

(or if Flash won't work for you:

and I suspect that literacy sophistication would be plummetting, especially if the Australian trolls on this thread are any indication. More objective is the soon-to-be-released final outcome of an ABS survey which shows the population in quite a bad light:

If one considers prose literacy as a coarse proxy for sophisticated thinking then at the current time we have less really debilitating literacy but also less high-level literacy:

or in crude words, there is a higher proportion these days of stupid people but not quite as many in the really stupid category. This is a very blunt proxy to be sure, but when it comes to political decisions ignorance and stupidity are largely congruent.

Those underlying literacy trends are also reflected in these data:

and one doesn't need to look at the third graph on that page to know that compared to older generations today's young adults are far less likely to be able to multiply two two-digit numbers or to do long division (especially without an Excel spreadsheet or a mobile 'phone), or to explain the concept of a logarithm, or to work out compound growth problems.

"...and what’s your alternative Bernard?"

1) Decent education

2) a change in societal attitudes that includes a greater preparedness to think with the cerebrum rather than with the amygdala or "lizard brain".

We're not complete hostages to our evolution, but these days we seem to be forgetting that being smart takes work.

Bernard J.

hgompf said...

Love how they use footage from the Onion News Network in that commercial.

Susan Anderson said...

Eli, this is completely off topic, but I've responded about that weird wrong Khatanga temp over at Neven's. More detail here (I found and posted more legit temps):
(The more detailed link does not go straight to the comment, scroll to September 06, 2013 at 17:31)


Bernard J:

on't worry- it's just the harmonic convergence of intelligence and longitude close to the nations demographic center