Tuesday, September 17, 2013

They Shudda Asked Eli

Back sometime ago, Eli pointed out that one Richard S. Courtney, IPCC expert peer reviewer and scientist, was not Richard S. Courtney, Professor at Kutztown University, pictured on the left so that if you should meet him on the street and not know, and that he would appreciate someone at the Heartland Institute recognizing this, and Richard S. Courtney replied that he never went near Epsom, Surrey, to which Eli replied that he was a mere DiplPhl and not a DPhil, a (a bunny had to be there to appreciate the humor).  Turns out that EIKE, the bunnies remember EIKE, and their peerless leader, H.-L. Lüdecke, have the same interesting member on their Advisory Board, one Prof. Dr. Richard S. Courtney, Geologe, Kutztown University, Pennsylvania USA.  One wonders if the Richard S. Courtney, IPCC Expert Peer Reviewer might have informed them of this problem.

Eli thanks John Mashey for pointing this out.  Shall Rabett Run leave EIKE to their pleasant delusions or not.


Anonymous said...

EIKE, ofcourse, is more then happy to be continuously uninformed as to continue misinform the equally uninformed.

One particular informed rabett could therefore inform the uninformed who misinform the uninformed, surely, but what form did the bunny have in mind to deliver the said information? And will that in even the slightest form reduce the misinformation of the uninformed?

What's the point?


John Mashey said...

EIKE misinformation?
No, never! / What, never? / Well, hardly ever!
Sayeth fellow named Gilbert.


John Mashey said...

Curiously, via Wayback, we find that EIKE had the right Courtney in Sept 2010 and before 9albeit with the extra Dr.),
and only changed it in Nov 2010 to Prof. Dr. RSC in Kutztown...

Serious competence deficit.

Anonymous said...


via Wayback you can see that EIKE has listed the dead Jaworoski until June 2013 as an active member of its "Fachbeirat". I told them in January, but they didn't publish my comment on their blog.


John Mashey said...

Well, Art Robinson's OISM is way ahead, with the first 2 members of its "faculty" deceased in 2002 and 2006.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm really, really confused. I had always thought that the infamously truculent Richard S. Courtney, a regular on WUWT, was *this* Richard S. Courtney:

Rev. Richard S. Courtney, Expert Reviewer, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and Methodist Preacher, Cornwall, UK

A reverend, no less. Linky:

Cornwall Alliance Scholars, Contributing Writers

Am I wrong, confused, both... or neither?



Likewise , do not mistake the Larry Bell, and the John O'Sullivan who are not Forbes columnists or Sky Dragons authors for their silly namesakes

Someone should tell the string theorists thaet we've found a strange metaphysical attractor that acts as a simultaneous eponym and crank magnet.

Anonymous said...

Is there a missing "L" in Kutztown?