Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eli Stole the Playbook

For those bunniesTM E Rabett wondering about the noise machine revving up before tomorrow's release of the IPCC WG1 final draft, Eli will let you in on a secret.  The playbook is out there for your reading pleasure, actually in the tobacco archive. 

They talk about a speakers program where identified spokespeople in local markets a attract press attention. 

As you know we have 200 media trained activists in the field.  Prior to this project we were working on plans to fully activate all of these people
The goal was that
News media will recognize our spokespersons as source for accurate, timely, and credible information.
For outreach
Each spokesperson will be given a list of all media in area.  Where feasible spokesperson will schedule brief one on one meetings with reporters/editors to introduce themselves and leave information.  Key media not reached will be mailed a rolodex type card with brief information
Editorial board outreach was very important
Place senior executives and identified spokesmen with select editorial boards.
One of their key messages was
"Develop "class war" stressing the impact of FET on lower income people"
and, of course, get "scientists" to fabricate a case against the EPA.  

Eli gotta go, but read the tobacco industry plan and process what is happening in light of it.  Yes, that includes our friends in the press


John Mashey said...

Yes, the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library is a fine thing,with much ore yet to be mined.


Field Effect Tobacco ? Federal Excise Tax ?

With Eli on the war path against the peace pipe, I'm going to play it safe and plant another row of burley for the head of the Climate Reality Project to
put in the plant beds, hoe, chop, shred, spike, and put in the barn to strip and sell.

Hank Roberts said...

Speaking of the playbook, I wonder if Wegman did the NSA's social network mapping.