Monday, September 24, 2012

Your Joe Bastardi entertainment moment

In 2010, predicting a big recovery in sea ice nearing historical levels in 2011, and slow progress over 20-30 years to above normal levels:

Apparently he now claims it's all just cycles that will turn around.  Funny how cyclical effects are producing new records, and they just happen to tend to be records you'd see from humans changing the climate....


Nick said...

He's a much wilder improviser than Bolling and Rampal

Anonymous said...

That's not improvisation. That's the waffle that gets rejected by Birds Eye because it contains nothing real and has far too many holes in it.

Cymraeg llygoden

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've actually watched Bastardi speak.


He's either a bald-faced, deliberately mendacious misrepresenter of fact, or he's a deep-space deluded nutcase.

Am I allowed to say that?

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.


He's a much wilder improviser than Bolling and Rampal

If the comte de Versailles' organ grinder ever needs a new mnkey, we know who to recommend

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch that video all the way through: he seemed to be using all the vague crap (and appeals to what we'd all want to happen) that I'd expect from an astrologer, not from someone even just pretending to do science.

He's saying it's just cycles that will turn around? Which cycles would they be? Because unless he has knowledge of a known cyclical effect that would do this he's making about as much sense as attributing it to one of those cycles Bradley Wiggins rides.

Regards, Millicent

Jeffrey Davis said...

Weimar 1932.

Anonymous said...

Was that the TV equivalent of a palm reading? Lovely and vague, telling the deniers (and himself) what they crave to hear.



Anonymous said...


Dunno about JB, but if you're not considering dynamics, you're ignoring reality.

The bouys go where the ice takes them, and that is apparently out of the Arctic.

Here's what they've done so far in 2012:

Notice the exit?

Some evidence that dynamic variation is normal. Check Arctic temperatures:

To be sure, there is a secular warming trend. But mentally detrend and note the warming periods and cooling periods. When ice is missing or thin, more energy from the Arctic Ocean warms the atmosphere. When ice is thick, less energy goes into the atmosphere.

That's not to say thermodynamics from IR forcing don't matter, nor that the fluid dynamics point to reversal. But evidence points to motion as part and even majority factor.


rab said...

I like where he referred to his "studies". So with hope in my heart, I looked for his publications.

Pretty thin there, Joe, pretty thin. h-index = 0.


Unknown said...

My studies show that all these other guys are completely wrong about ice.

What these other guys don't get is that ice has experienced a property change because of a distortion in global reality - not so much a change in the overall reality because after all, we're not really measuring the amount of reality, that's the thing, we don't have a grip on the reality budget where we can see, is the net outgoing amount of reality less or greater. What I'm talking about is something that changes reality in a particular place. I'm looking at mantle temperatures where there's been no sign of this pronounced stratospheric cooling that was supposed to be in play, so OK, down here in the Earth's core where we live if the troposphere was here the core wouldn't be and in fact that's not happening. (Looks at camera significantly). In fact, its going the other way.

I'm puttin together a paper. This is so funny.

Obviously El Nino SO2 was removed new thermometers cities therefore we can't measure, (grins meaningfully), and because all the really dense people live over here where we can measure, isn't this interesting.... You see. I'm right again, and they're all wrong. I know its not part of a global sea ice report.

Back to our topic. Melting ice proves the planet is warming because of a local manifestation of the global reality distortion field.

Enjoy your climate - its the only climate you've got.

Jason Miller said...

At 1:00 into the video does he say “they keep finding some metric to make it thin... to make you think it’s lower than it actually is....” Was he about to say thinner, then corrected himself?

Anonymous said...

Pooooooooooor Old Joe.

WhiteBeard said...

Folks, we have a tie in the preliminary round of the Daily Win the Internets Game twixt ol’ Russell and this here Doe feller.

Gots me two keyboard a comin’.

Anonymous said...

Singer predicted the ice melt wouldn't increase several years ago when he published his book on 1500 year cycle. Therefore it can't happen Bastardi must be right.

Snow Bunny

David B. Benson said...

Cyclically deluded.

Anonymous said...

Has he admitted that the ice was still melting in September yet? Because it was just a little over a week ago when he was saying there was a "rapid recovery" of ice since August 26th:

He still can't read a map.

Robert Murphy

Anonymous said...

Well color me stoopid, that is why they call me "Hey Stoopid!".

Hmmm, reminded me of a poem, written by Henry Wandsworth Longfellow ; "The Wreck of the Hesperus".

A sad tale of woe, of some one who foolishly refused to heed, or accept good advice.

Alas, poor run away Joe, an amateur "Don Quixote" the tilter of windmills. Or, he who failed to heed the warning signs, and his sad little dinghy was totally wrecked on the reef of denial in September, 2012.

Choose, your experts wisely, one could say.

Such is life, of he who is shot down by his own baloney and blown away by one's own words. lmao

mike roddy said...

Joe is obviously an idiot, but remember, he is one of Andy Revkin's go-to sources. It's the mainstream media we really have to go after.

david lewis said...

Mike: I ran a search limited to dot earth looking for "bastardi" and found nothing implicating Revkin as taking Bastardi seriously. Have you any references?

mike roddy said...


Here's one:

I recall a softball interview with Bastardi on Dot Earth, but couldn't find it. Maybe they deleted it.

david lewis said...

Mike: Revkin used Bastardi in the case your link goes to, to illustrate that there a load of meteorologists who are deniers. Otherwise, a search restricted to dot earth bastardi comes up with nothing other than that two commenters on dot earth mentioned the clown.

Revkin is revolting, but apparently, not revolting enough to be seen to be publicly touting Bastardi on his own blog.

Maybe you heard him when another outlet interviewed him in his role as "NYTimes award winning climate reporter", where he can say very wild things.

tonylearns said...

Apprently this is all due to the AMO and there will be a bit more melting for a few years and THEN it will get colder and the ice will come back to normal.
For some reason the deniers all just overlooked this obvious explanation, and we can have a few more years of their berating those stupid alarmists

L Hamilton said...

When Bastardi posted on Sep 12 that there had been "a pretty big ice increase since Aug 26," he used cropped screen shots of DMI temperature (not ice) maps as evidence.

Here is a graph showing that DMI ice extent actually decreased over these dates:

L Hamilton said...

Better links, hopefully:

Neven's post about Bastardi declaring a "pretty big ice increase" between Aug 26 and Sep 13, pointing to DMI *temperature* maps

Graph showing the actual DMI ice decrease over those dates.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit about Bastardi's employer (Weatherbell) here:

Telling excerpt:

Based in New York City, WeatherBell Analytics LLC will offer meteorological products and services geared toward helping businesses manage weather risk. The company is funded entirely by angel investors.

Would those "angel investors" be affiliated with the Koch Bros, perchance?

I have seen no evidence that Weatherbell has any real customers -- the Weatherbell web-site does not mention any. Its "press release" page does not contain any announcements about clients that it has signed up. It's not like weather forecasting is such a hush-hush secret business that Weatherbell wouldn't want to boast about its clientele.

So, let's see -- a small "consulting" firm, funded by un-named "angel investors", staffed by well-known deniers... zero evidence of any real customers -- wingnut welfare, anyone?

Sou said...

Really, Anonymous, that sounds a bit like conspiracy theories of the 'bat-shit crazies' like McIntyre with his 'deception, frauds and fakes' over at CA and Watts at WUWT with his SkS paranoia. (As if it would matter. It's not as if anyone takes him seriously.)

Rattus Norvegicus said...

Watts announced that RPSr. has opened a Twitter account with the headline "Roger Pielke Sr. enters Twitland". I was tempted to make the obvious comment, be decided to resist.

Sou said...

That's classic, Rattus N. I took a snapshot and tweeted  as a twitpic. Watt a twit!

Lars Karlsson said...

Dear anonymous,
The Kochs are no angels.

Brian said...

Re Anon's theory re Weatherbell - I think climate realists are too ready to believe that denialists are somehow making money off of their nonsense.

OTOH some of the prominent denialists can amortize lies. No idea to what extent Bastardi is one of them, but I wouldn't rule it out. Anon points to a small amount of circumstantial evidence in this case. A data point we might want to remember without drawing conclusions yet.

Lionel A said...

That Joe Bastardi section would be good particularly if followed immediately by the 3-D Visualization of Arctic Ice Loss with a new version just posted up at

Eunice take note and pay attention to the Masters, Mann, Hayhoe, Douglas: 2012 Review – 2013 Outlook video whilst over there.