Thursday, September 06, 2012

Eli Has Much to Answer For

The elder among the bunnies will remember when Eli brought down the wrath of McIntyre upon GISSTEMP after Willard Tony had pointed to a photo of the station at Detroit Lakes.  The discussion soon figured out that there was something strange about all of the local stations, and that pointed strongly at software issues.  Upshot was that GISS had missed a change in the way that NOAA reported the USHCN data and the US temperature anomalies in GISSTEMP had to be changed a bit.

Then again there was the recent flurry about the Most Important Paper In History (TM Roger Pielke Sr.) by Willard Anthony Watts.  Eli had a paw into that one.

Still, Willard Tony has challenged Eli as to whether the Rabett ever gave him a hand with the science, and pawing through the archives here at Rabett Run, Eli was shocked and ashamed

The implication of this is that Fall and Co. (and Menne) can and should not simply compare results from categories with each other, but should first look and see how the rural, suburban and urban distributions vary within categories, and indeed they do.
Bunny culpa, Bunny maxima culpa.

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