Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Getting rid of the re-captcha has increased spam, but most of it is falling into the spam box so readers don't see it.  Eli is going to be a sometimes thing for a few days, so things may be a bit rougher than usual.  Persevere


Anonymous said...

One option at some web sites is to allow a new re-captcha if the current one is unintelligivle. Why were the re-captcha's getting more and more difficult to read? Were computers getting better than humans at reading them?


Marion Delgado said...

BillD well, this one let you refresh until you got a (barely) legible one. But yes, and for that reason Rabett Run isn't quite the place to make it a key topic, but it's a real issue.

Put another way, there has to be a statistical line drawn at some point. I wish I could get OCR as good as the spammers allegedly have.

Anonymous said...