Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wakey wakey

Eli's opinion on these things has always been wait.


Anonymous said...

Sad days at WTF, although the more dedicated there will bravely carry on with curve-fitting. After all, the moment after each surge of solar activity could be the start of the mother of all grand minima. Who among them can say otherwise?

Steve Bloom

Mark said...

Why is there such a dramatic decrease in fluctuation from (using my Eyeball Mark I) Jan 2008 to Jan 2010?

Martin Vermeer said...


my guess would be that the surface intensity distribution of an active Sun is irregular, and that of an inactive Sun, smooth. The fluctuation you see is due to the 30-odd day rotation period of the Sun, turning at random combinations of light and dark patches of Solar surface towards Earth. The downward spikes are large sunspot groups.

SCM said...

I enjoyed the clip. The music is from the movie Sunshine, which I enjoyed even if no-one else did. I also like that you can see the particle tracks in the CCD during the eruptions in the corona images.