Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Murdoch Press

Back to back stories on NPR this morning report on the political and public perceptions of climate change. The first, the most obvious, describes how how today's "conservatives" (those are sarcasm quotes) have lost touch with reality to enter a fact free zone. Something that is being increasingly noticed by the RRs (rational republicans), as, for example in a recent Time Magazine essay by Fahreed Zakaria. This and similar in the main stream media (you know Keith, Churnalism Central) indicates that the the Overton window is shifting. make no mistake about it the wingnuts are in full fluster and it is time to push back on them.

Republican candidates aren't the only ones who have changed their tune in recent years. The Pew Research Center points to a sharp decline in the number of Americans who even believe that global warming is happening, let alone that it's a serious problem.

In 2006, 77 percent of Americans agreed there is "solid evidence" of global warming. By this year, that number had fallen to 58 percent. And just over a third believe that man-made carbon emissions are to blame.

"Most of that decline has occurred among Republicans and Independents," said Andrew Kohut, president of the research center. "The partisan gap is huge."

Of course, these are the primary voters that Republican candidates need to appeal to. And they've been encouraged in their skepticism of climate change by fossil fuel interests, which have bankrolled an aggressive campaign against cap and trade.

The best explanation of this is the parallel universe erected by the Murdoch press, the Koch brothers and allies. Given that this is low comedy or high tragedy, we have to look to Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart for clear speaking, which Stewart did when interviewed by Chris Wallace.

Stewart wondered why he was doing a comedy show when the networks are doing a much better job.

Wallace was flummoxed when Stewart agreed that Fox has an audience that likes what they show, but that the Fox audience is
The most consistently misinformed media viewers, Fox, in every study
Oh yes, Chris doesn't like Cartman, but you should listen to the entire thing (Fox edited parts in what they showed. Eli is shocked, shocked).

So now let the Rabett Churn move on to the second NPR piece " Climate Change: Public Skeptical, Scientists Sure"

The American public is less likely to believe in global warming than it was just five years ago. Yet, paradoxically, scientists are more confident than ever that climate change is real and caused largely by human activities.

Something a bit strange is happening with public opinion and climate change.

Anthony Leiserowitz, who directs the Yale University Project on Climate Change Communication, delved into this in a recent poll. He not only asked citizens what they thought of climate change, he also asked them to estimate how climate scientists feel about global warming.
An interesting formulation, scientists are SURE that we are driving climate change (it ain't the bunnies of the field bucky, we just chew the carrots).

Though a few are still finding reasons for doubt, Cicerone says he and most of his colleagues find the science of climate change is stronger the harder they look. So does this public disbelief mean that Americans are becoming more anti-science?

Leiserowitz of Yale University says that's not what his polls show.

"Most Americans have overwhelming trust in the science and trust in scientists," he said.

But the public is largely unaware of the consensus because that's not what they're hearing on cable TV or reading in blogs.

"They mostly get exposed to a much more conflicted view, and that's of course not by accident," he said.

Leiserowitz is now starting to ask how public opinion changes when people actually know that the National Academy of Sciences and other groups consider climate change to be a big concern.

"So far the evidence shows that the more people understand that there is this consensus, the more they tend to believe that climate change is happening, the more they understand that humans are a major contributor, and the more worried they are about it," Leiserowitz said.

He says if you drill down a bit, the American public actually is not split when you ask them if they'd like to see a gradual transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.



Eli's sarcasm quotes are not the first on the scene:


Adam said...

Nice work, generally, by NPR, which has had its own faux controversy flubs on occasion in the past.

-Adam R.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

The NPR piece this morning was very good.

But Stewart pwned Wallace. He is a much better thinker and just chewed Wallace up in that one.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

Stewart continues the deconstruction tonight. Watch it on reruns or Comedy Central. He also destroys Politifact.com, which I find to be questionable at times.

John said...

Lots of Republican primary voters think that Obama was born in Kenya, and the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. Last November, Senator Harry Reid managed to survive because the Republicans nominated Sharron Angle, a Tea Party candidate who had favored phasing out Social Security. She was about the only Republican candidate that Reid could beat. And he did.

Eli may not run into a lot of the Tea Party types in his rabbit warren, but there are a whole lot of them out in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Democrat primary voters think 911 wasallowed to happen or planned by the US government.

Wow this is fun!

Democrat voters got their party to control Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008 and had 4 years to affect climate policy. Where are the results? Oh there are equal to what Republicans would have done.
Keep walking in step with your masters little puppets.

Celery Eater

Wascawwy Wabbit said...

Anonymous said...
Lots of Democrat primary voters think 911 wasallowed to happen or planned by the US government

The difference between the Democratic party and Republican party is that Democratic loons like 9/11-truthers are out on the fringe (and are ignored by Democratic candidates), while Republican loons like global-warming-deniers are the heart-and-soul of the Republican party (and are actively courted by most Republican candidates).

--Wascawwy Wabbit

Anonymous said...

My point was counter to this "Lots of Republican primary voters think that Obama was born in Kenya, and the Earth is less than 10,000 years old."

Also it is funny how you let the Democrat Party and its leaders LIE to you and yet you continue to support.

"global-warming-deniers" LMAO Another day, another box and the public opinion keeps going in the direction you cannot believe. Keep up the same efforts Rabbet, they are soooooo effective!

Celery Eater

John said...

Did I say that "lots" of Republican voters think that Obama is born in Kenya? Let me clarify that.

One poll found that

51 percent of GOP primary voters think that Obama was born abroad.

And that percentage is believed to be even higher for Tea Party members.

Adam said...

@Celery Eater:
My point was counter to this "Lots of Republican primary voters think that Obama was born in Kenya

And conspicuously unsuccessful at making that point, you were. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...


Least I know where the Republican party stands. The Democrats say everything you want to hear and do none of it.

And you left the most bizarre part of the original claim ..and the Earth is less than 10,000 years old.


Wow a youtube video! From 2009! Well that settles it then! I don't have to search for some youtube video, when I experience the results of Obama's and the Dem's policies everyday. 9+% unemployment, housing worst shape in many many years, price of gas still around $4 a gallon, record deficits continue to contribute to record debt. So you are saying all the Democrat voters are smarter and they elect smarter politicians, that make things worse? Ah give me some birthers then!

How is all that climate change legislation the Democrats are always talking about working for you? Oh wait. Once they took over Congress in January 2007 they proceeded to dismantle the economy first and were very successful.

Celery Eater

Celery Eater

susan said...

Sheesh, talking points gone wild. The Democrats caused the economic crash by being elected in 2006! Actually the rot set in with Reagan and the dismantling of Glass Steagall, the increasing disparity between rich and poor which is now passing that prevailing in 1929, the greed of those with a lot for more and their ability to skim over 30% of the nation's wealth into their pockets without consequences for long-term consequences, much of it in a very great hurry, the ownership of our polity by wealthy interests and the self-interested courts that treat money as if it had a heart. Each time we think we've seen the worst we discover our error with these bottom-feeders who will exploit anything and everything to advantage their wealthy friends and selves. (I doubt compassion is a bad word, but it has been made so. To me it's what redeems the human race.) But I doubt any of us will have the last word now CE has joined the conversation, which will be a terrible bore.