Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lord of the Carrots?

Today's New York Times book review discusses a new novel by Sarah Winman, "When God Was a Rabbit". The title of the review is "Lord of the Carrots" in the dead-tree edition, but "Bleak Childhood, Dark Comedy" in the online edition. (Warning: the forces of evil have started to put parts of the NYT behind a pay wall.)

I thought to myself, it's certainly gratifying to see Eli getting the recognition he deserves, and in the NYT, no less. However, I think calling him "God" is a tad over the top.

There is a simple proof that Eli (however wise) cannot be God.

A Sunday School teacher asks the children, "where does God live?" And a little boy answers, "in the bathroom!"
The startled teacher, taken aback, asks, "how do you know that?" And the boy replies, "because my father pounds on the bathroom door, and shouts, GOOD GOD, ARE YOU STILL IN THERE?"

And I've never seen a rabbit in my bathroom. OK, OK, roaches, VERY occasionally. But rabbits, never. Ever.


silence said...

The NYT pawall is actually based around the http referrer header, so if people follow your link, they'll be able to see the page irrespective of whether they've paid.

David B. Benson said...

Sorry Eli. Everybody knows that Bugs Bunny is God.