Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mom Rabett's Climate Change Primer

Mom Rabett is an old girl, never much into science or technology so, courtesy of Quark Soup, Eli was happy to find a very nice primer on Climate Change from the UK Met Office. It's only nine pages and two of them are covers. Have to add it to the blog roll. The take home is on the first page

Climate change is a complex subject, with genuine areas of uncertainty and scientific controversy. There are also a number of misunderstandings which are recycled, often by non-climate scientists, and portrayed as scientific fact. As one of the world’s leading centres on climate change we believe it is important to address all the issues. Here you will find the known facts about climate change.
Nit picker that he is (Rabett's have grooming issues, mostly because they play with a bunch of dirty denialists), there is only one thing he would pick on, this chart, which shows the range of climate forecasts. People who need this primer, don't have a clue what A1, A2, B1 and B2 are. B1 and B2 being bananas with Aussie accents. Comments?


Horatio Algeranon said...

Yes, Eli, but...

That really cannot
Be denied.

They predicted warming,
When it’s been cooling!!
It’s only themselves
They have been fooling.

Stupid is as stupid does

David B. Benson said...

B1 and B2 are obviously Bunnies!

I don't know about their accents...

Anonymous said...

Rabett wrote: > Nit picker [sic] that he is (Rabett's [sic] have grooming issues, mostly because they play with a bunch of dirty denialists)

Mostly though not exclusively? But, my dear Ms. Rabett, a real nitpicker would never commit such sloppy solecisms, would she? Not, at any rate, quite so consistently. Moreover, we worry that you contradict yourself in such a cozy propinquity that others -- like the dirty denialists -- will not fail to notice. See, for example, your number one admonishment to us here. What are we to think, then, and whom to believe? The Rabett who tells us to watch out for nitpickers? Or the Rabett who purports to actually be a nitpicker? This is no joke.

Anonymous said...

Ah, thinking man, dr Rabett didn't say the whole thing was false just because they didn't label those scenarios. He just said that it would have been nice to explain them (or leave them out perhaps so they wouldn't confuse by being shown but not explained).
And in this case, that's the difference between the Rabett intpick and a denialist nitpick.

Anonymous said...

To follow on with the B1 and B2 theme, The denialists say "trust me I'm a rat" (or a conservative)
Actually there are quite a few similarities between Rat in a Hat and the denialists/delayers.
[Perhaps I watched too much Bananas in Pyjamas when my kids were small]