Monday, February 23, 2009

The ten signs of denialism

Bart Verheggen has a useful list. Take the test and see if you are into denialism. Bart explains it better than Eli, but Eli thought he could have some fun with the telltale signs:

  1. The forest is more important than the trees. Watch out for the nitpickers, they have lice
  2. Consensus matters, if two quacks think you are a duck, you are a duck
  3. Conspiracy theories are for fun, profit and giggles
  4. Weather ain't climate, and versa visa
  5. Your back yard ain't the world and neither is Eli's
  6. Logic is good
  7. Cause it's an effect, not effect it's a cause. Sometimes something is both depending on time and place
  8. What would you bet on?
  9. What's the risk?
  10. Denialism is incoherent
  11. You would hire Joe the Plumber who ain't a plumber and ain't a Joe?
  12. Cui bono, cui pendo

Hey, you thought a Rabett could count?? Comments? Go comment over at Bart's place, he wrote the thing.


Anonymous said...

Then there is today's column by John Tierney in the New York Times. It's a Pielke Jr. fest, complete with backhanded and forehanded slaps at Chu and Holdren (I didn't know he wrote the headlines for Scientific American...who knew?); a real boost for Pielke. Maybe Eli should become Whack-a-mole black belt?

Pinot Graves

Anonymous said...

Climate Progress gives Tierney a good whacking.

Anonymous said...

Eli, Thanks for pointing your readers my post. I like your transcriptions.