Sunday, November 02, 2008

We are honored

Cohenite has published his list of the ten worst blog posts of all times. It was a tough competition folks and Hanson's Bulldog, aka Tamino won first place for calling out Joe D'Aleo's graphology. However, your humble hare followed closely in second and took a fourth for his work (OK T took third also but that was really for a post by McIntyre) Tim Lambert was reduced to a pitiful sixth and eighth. It's a tough business climate blogging and Real Climate didn't even make the top ten

On behalf of the Rabett Run team, Eli is honored to accept this second place award which shall be proudly displayed.

More praise in the comments.


Anonymous said...

We're number one! We're number one!

I guess I'm now the "prince of darkness" and you're the "court jester." I guess we really got under their skin.

We must be doing something right.

Marion Delgado said...

Okay, I am being slighted, again, despite my platinum Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine in Physics pin, awarded by the head of the Economics Chair of the Bank of Sweden. Partly because of the bias of not having a 10 worst COMMENTS ever made category.

But, Eli, you were never listed as one of the ten reasons global warming is a myth, and I was!

It's pretty clear that people of mineral ancestry have an anti-Delgadoic prejudice that renders these awards meaningless!

... okay, fine. Congratulations to you and tamino. grumble.

I leave you with this thought from Anya Jenkins - there's nothing we can't face, except for bunnies!

Arthur said...

The typically incoherent Mr. Cohenite has actually collected a nice sample of good denialist debunking there. For example, his objection in Eli's case (#2) seems to come from his not realizing that a mathematical symbol (in this case 'r') may be used in several different ways in the same paper. Eli's article was perfectly accurate in discussing the issue of different values of 'r' given the introduction of that as the power-law for averaging in the original "GMST" article on p. 15:

"The raw and derived data are related by y = x^r for positive r,..."

Anonymous said...

Are these people still arguing that there is no such thing as a global average temperature?

Good grief. I thought that claim was debunked ages ago.

Marion Delgado said...


In your estimation, did Marohasy have any lurking, residual credibility with anyone that this fine guest post could have eroded?

Is this her usual doublethink ("Oh, I was just putting ideas out there!"), or is she admitting she's joined the climate creationists / rocket Scientologists?

David B. Benson said...


"We're only #2, so we try harder."

Anonymous said...

I totally concur with Arthur that Cohenite has kindly provided us with a great "Ten Climate Blog Posts Worth Reading" list. Just as his "Ten of the Worst Climate Papers Ever" list (he may have called it something else proved pretty accurate.
Actually he is turning out to be a surprisingly good anti-source - just flip whatever he says on it's head and you actually have something of value. Very odd.

llewelly said...

Congratulations, Professor.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the runner-up :-)

Anonymous said...

GF, IIRC Cohenite claims to be a lawyer, which makes it not odd at all IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in seeing a list of Mr. Bunny's best climate skeptic articles/essays/whatever. Yes their honestly best work of late.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bunny's best climate skeptic articles/essays/whatever.

I think Tim Lambert has those pretty well covered with his Global Warming Skeptic Bingo.

He made the Bingo borad a couple years ago, but it is still current.

That's the real beauty of AGW denialist arguments: they never change, not even in the face of facts that completely contradict them.

Anonymous said...

Pah, it was rigged. You're secretly in cahoots with Cohenite, aren't you bunny boy?

Anonymous said...

Jolliffe loves me...because I was more thoughtful than Tammy. And don't make me get all General Woundwort on your ass, Tammy.

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