Saturday, November 15, 2008

Freeping** the survey

Well my fellow lagomorpi, the climate freepers are at it again. The United Nations Environmental Program has thrown a survey on what to do about climate change out there

Few dispute that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the planet.
unfortunately the few have computers, net access and public affairs offices.
Decisions made over the next few years will shape the world's response to climate change through mitigation measures, adaptive preparations, etc. You are among the many professionals that will determine what that response will be. Your views on which approaches to climate change will succeed and what key barriers are most slowing progress are important and must be widely heard.
with the silly expectation that it will not be hijacked, and indeed, the climate freepers are at it again. However, as experience has shown, once this sort of thing is broadcast out of the ghetto of denial, the results disappoint the unenvironmental.
We would encourage you to take 20 minutes of your valuable time to participate in this survey by following the link. The results will influence decision making at all levels, not least of all at the Poznan Conference of the Parties in December where the results will be presented to the global community. GlobeScan will also send you your own report of survey results in appreciation for your contribution.
The survey is pretty good, concentrating on what should be done to deal with the problem of climate change caused by humans. More on that soon. They try and separate the pikas from the hares by asking about qualifications at the end. Eli would put out good carrots to see how the Monckton answers those questions (no check box for found my Nobel Prize in a box of Wheaties) or those other noted IPCC expert reviewers Vincent Grey and Richard Courtney

This is serious stuff, Eli would not encourage anyone to cheat as the late Dad Rabett, put it, by voting early, voting often but the Bunny would strongly suggest voting, especially for those who have a clue.
Freeping: **"Attention all believers in the sanctity of baby peas. There is a poll on a Go there and vote that every baby pea is sacred and should be saved, even those that are frozen and will never be planted in the ground"


bigcitylib said...

You know I got emailed this one a couple of days ago. On what basis I have no idea (other than, like, writing a blog). I played it pretty straight on the survey, but there is nothing stopping me from posting the link to Climate Skeptics for example, or simply taking it nine times from 9 diff emails.

Interesting to wonder what a skeptical response to it would be: very pro sequestration, very pro adaption, I suppose.

bigcitylib said...

By the way, who in this case is doing the Freeping? Links don't indicate.