Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nil nisi

Speak no ill of the dead is wise advice, so Eli is removing the newly dead Michael Crichton from the Wall of Shame. Crichton himself was not very considerate of others, esp. those who disagreed with him.



Anonymous said...

Actually, you are not speaking ill of the dead, Eli.

That would only be the case if you had put it up after he died.

Chrichton was a second rate author who appealed to (and made a lot of money off of) the American public.

Not really anything to brag about.

That may be speaking ill of the dead but it is also true.

TomG said...

Leave him there...
By taking him off the Wall you're giving him a posthumous credibility.
Being dead still doesn't make him right. Besides, you're not speaking ill of him...just the truth.


bigcitylib said...

OT, but I only see your links when I click on a particular message. The left side of the home page is a blank.

Anonymous said...

I believe the sentiment is directed at those who take advantage of death to slander those who have passed. That is not the issue here.

I agree with the others. Crichton worked hard to earn his place on the wall and death should not be a reason to deny him his due.

Anonymous said...


Eli, I am experiencing the same "feature" that bigcitylib describes.

EliRabett said...

Looks ok to me in firefox on pc and macs

David B. Benson said...

I vote to put him back up.

Anonymous said...

The hounds came-a- running just like you wanted, Rabett. "Speak no ill of the dead" wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!
Really grubby, Rabett, really grubby.


Anonymous said...

JohnS, the non-anon anon (an' on an' on an' on) (TM)

amoeba said...

The factually challenged Crichton never could tell the difference between truth and fiction.

If Crichton doesn't like this then I'll issue a retraction as soon as he demands one!