Monday, January 14, 2008

The Golden Rat

UPDATE: Guests from National Review, might be interested in other Rabett Run competitions such as the current Tim Ball Award for Resume Stretching, featuring others from Morano's lists, and the S. Fred Award for Climatology Incoherence.

Those interested in learning more about the qualifications of the Morano 650 could link to the 650list blog

Welcome and Merry Christmas.

Oh yeah, FWIW, someone who doesn't allow comments on their blog, shouldn't criticize others for their comment policy. Come on over and play Chris, but remember, there is a majic word.

NSF gave some $ to the Congressional Research Foundation to evaluated Capital Web sites. Anyone who has walked past the place knows there are bats in the belfry aka the dome, but these guys decided to give Marc Morano's home base, the Senate Environment and Public Works Minority site, a Golden Mouse award.

True this was about design not content, but still
A “Fact of the Day” section and blog posts give them updated content and help ensure repeat visits to the site. The content is also fully integrated and cross-referenced throughout the site.
You gotta wonder whether any of those "Facts of the Day" were facts or just Inhofe snowflakes, so Eli went over and checked out the "Facts of the Day". As in all else, the mice over at the CRF seemingly have not RTFR. More like "Facts of the Week" about four a month. Actually non-Facts but Inhofe op eds. Let's roll the tape

The first one is really rich. Inhofe is beating on how good the Water Resources Development Act will be for Oklahoma. The bill, of course was vetoed by Bush, and overriden and passed in to law November 8.
An example is the Water Resources Development Act of 2007, enacted Nov. 8. This critically important bill not only authorizes and modifies critical projects for waterways navigation, reduction of hurricane, storm and flood damage, and environmental restoration nationwide; it has a real and important impact here in Oklahoma. Communities across the state can benefit from authorizations such as those improving our lakes and waterways, for sewer improvements and for water-related infrastructure.

In Oklahoma alone, the new law will result in savings of more than $10 million for the city of Edmond and $1.5 million for the communities surrounding the Waurika Conservancy District by clarifying disputes with the Corps of Engineers over water use. It will also continue projects at the Red River, which will enhance drinking water supply and agricultural irrigation in southwestern Oklahoma.

In addition to the water development act, Congress should have reauthorized the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Act Revolving Loan Funds legislation I co-authored last year. It contained several provisions aimed at promoting water efficiency and new approaches to addressing supply shortages.
Maybe if we put some CO2 capture systems into OK we could turn the guy. OTOH Marc is still getting his hand headed to him over at Dot Earth. Mus and Horatio are taking action.


Horatio Algeranon said...

"As in all else, the mice over at the CRF seemingly have not RTFR."

I believe they are rats, Eli, not mice.

"anonyrats", but rats just the same.

Mice can be mischievous but never malicious.

In fact, this is what distinguishes the two species.

Millions of years ago, rats became dishonest and dirty and the proto-mice refused to breed with them any longer -- and hence a new species was born. (Bet you didn't know that. Not many do)

And most mice do make an attempt to RTFP -- at least the ones who were educated in the mazes of universities. And they have learned to pee on TFP if they think it is crap.

Horatio Algeranon said...

One more thing: if it smells like a rat, it most probably is one.

We mice have know this for millions of years.

I will admit that smelling over the internet can be difficult -- though not impossible, if one takes advantage of the internet's tubular architecture

Horatio Algeranon said...

...which also makes for easy travel for us mice.

Rats too, unfortunately.

smoo said...

I also got this in a lovely email from Morano. I was so disgusted I wrote to NSF.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Roger Pielke Jr. is losing it over on his website. He's trying turn himself into a climate scientist by evaluating climate trends.

It's all just ridiculous and humiliating for his university.

Mus musculus anonymouse

Anonymous said...

He's also criticizing Hansen (again).

But unfortunately for Roger, no one is paying any attention to his rantings any more.

He's lucky if he gets any comments on his blog.

Pielke has had his fifteen minutes of fame and now it's back to anemonimity like the rest of us.

EliRabett said...

Eli thinks that the reason to blog is the community you can build. Roger let his ego get in the way, which is a big reason for doing this stuff pseudonyminously. A stuffed animal don't have much ego. A stuffed shirt is nothing but ego. Unfortunately this applies to both Piekes and a certain drama queen of our acquaintance.

Brian G Valentine said...

"A stuffed shirt is nothing but ego."

True, Doctor, but even they sometimes discover that an actual human wears the shirt; as I have found the same thing to be true of myself