Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bert Bolin, founder of the IPCC died December 30

By way of Post Normal Times, Eli hears that Bert Bolin, first chair of the IPCC died December 30. As Sylvia Tognetti said:

"When the Nobel Peace Prize was announced, I wondered why Bert Bolin wasn't standing next to Al Gore. As it turns out, he would have been, had he not been too ill to travel - at least he lived long enough to enjoy the honor (hat tip Climate Science Watch)."
Both Gore and Pachauri acknowledged their debt to Bolin in speeches to the Swedish Riksdag early last month

Pachauri said: 'Professor Bert Bolin is the true founder of IPCC and all we stand for. I am very proud over the privilege of having him as my mentor and being enabled to follow in his footsteps.'In fact, when I learnt that IPCC had been awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, my first instinct was to request Bolin to receive the award in Oslo. However, health reasons prevented him acceding to my genuine request.'

Pachauri's sentiments were echoed by his fellow laureate: 'Upon learning that I had been awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize I first rang up Rajendra Pachauri and immediately after, Bert Bolin.'

The whole world owes Bolin immeasurable gratitude for his indomitable scientific pioneering work to unfold to the world the awesome knowledge of the greenhouse effects and all the dangers they hold', said Gore.

The 82-year old wheelchair-bound scientist, present in the Riksdag for his disciples' accolades, was visibly moved as he said: 'It is, indeed, wonderful to receive such formal recognition, even though it is the actual work and its achievements that are most important.'Right now it is of greatest importance that Al Gore, Rajendra Pachauri and others gathered in Bali achieve the goals we all are striving for. Its significance cannot, by any length, be overstated, exaggerated'.

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