Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eli has a little list

With all the listing back and forth, Eli has moved on to the AR4 author list following in the footfalls of Not Really a PhD John McLean with the bunnies scouring the burrow looking for secretaries, pool cleaners and moles, and indeed the guys in the lab have hooked an interesting one

Lenny Bernstein earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. He spent 31 years working on environmental issues for the petroleum industry. The last 10 of those years were as a manager in Mobil Corporation’s Environmental, Health and Safety Department, responsible for tracking global environmental issues, including climate change and sustainable development. Prior to that he worked on minimizing the environmental impacts of fuel use for Exxon Research and Engineering Company.

After leaving Mobil in 1999, Lenny formed L.S. Bernstein & Associates, an environmental consulting company advising industrial clients on technical and political developments on climate change and other environmental issues. He has attended every UN negotiating session on climate change since 1995; was a Lead Author on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Third Assessment Report, published in 2001; and is a Convening Lead Author on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, scheduled for publication in 2007.
Oh yeah, Lenny Is Really a PhD in ChemE and is one of the authors of the SPM draft. Shock, horrors.


Anonymous said...


Argumentum ad Hominem?

EliRabett said...

Argumentum pro Hominem:)

Anonymous said...

Bernstein definitely goes into the innocent pile.

Interesting interview:

No contrarian crapology here.