Monday, April 30, 2007

Take a number

A few brave and foolhardy readers have registered a complaint with management that all the anonymice look the same. This racist attitude must end. Their moms can tell them apart. Besides they are a forgiving crew and you do not risk being torn limb from limb if you attribute a comment to the wrong little grey or white fellow or lady. Eli is fond of all his mice friends. Some of them have personalities that make them easy to identify, such as anonymuse, and Mus musculus anonymous, but, we admit it can be trying to the casual observer (your own damn fault, come here more often).

A suggestion has been made to number the comments. Sadly no, blogger does not appear to allow that. However, each comment is timestamped, and you could simply note that the idiot who posted at 6:36AM deserves whatever for being awake that early.

On the other hand, the mice could look at this as a chance for a personality transplant. It would take the blog to new heights lows. There are lots of good mouse names out there, mighty mouse, the mouse for all seasons, church mouse for the poor or pious, and so on without end.

(Image from Country Church Mouse Designs)


Anonymous said...

"It would take the blog to new heights"

...or to new lows, depending on one's viewpoint (or perhaps independent of one's viewpoint).

Anonymous said...

Isn't "named anonymouse" one of those Oxfordmorons? (eg, Tony Blair)

Dano said...

One can use an anonymouse name, like...oh...Dano or Eli. There's one on another place (sorry, Eli) called 'Verdurous' that I particularly like - you get an idea of the type of comment to expect.



Anonymous said...

Sounds good.



Anonymous said...

"Sign Mice our book"

Anonymous said...

Ya' know, it's been almost two weeks since Roger Pielke Jr. has been quoted in the media.

He must be getting the shakes.

Mus musculus anonymouse

EliRabett said...

The quiet before the book tour

Anonymous said...

As long as mice can peacefully co-exist with rabbits (including an occasional pig, of course;)), then all's well with the blogosphere (more specifically, its climate), I reckon...