Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google's Inconvenient Truth

If you thought Al Gore was tough on Global Warming, take a look at "What would Google Say" a slide show with music of the first 200 images that turn up in a search for "global warming". It gives one faith in search engines and is fun to watch.

WWGS, TWTWTW for a new generation?

Hit British Television like a steam train and nuked the collective public consciousness on its first appearance. The first show to feature stand-up comedy satirising current affairs. Thumbed its finger at traditional news broadcasting and mocked everyone from political figures, sports people, through to Television executives themselves.
We need that

Oh yeah, you can stop the video and use the slider to contemplate each slide as you munch your carrot treats. Eli, having been gifted by Ms. Rabett calling out for Buffalo Carrots last night did so and being the kink of creature he is did so. Scientific fingers conclude that in the Google poll, the denialists are kind of down there with Dick Cheney. This might lead to a re-evaluation amonst us thumb suckers. Of course, the poll could have been manipulated, but so it goes.


Andrew Dessler said...

That's fantastic. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd pass along the latest gem from Stringman (Lubos Motl) ("nanna-nanna-nanna-nanna, Stringman" )

"Meanwhile, USA Today reports that Al Gore is cloning himself to create what the paper calls a "global army" of about 1000 men, mostly aggressive senile fat men."

I wonder if Stringman is not just a bit jealous of Al. After all, Al is talking about a thousand copies of himself in short order and Stringman can't even come up with a single string after years of trying.

Maybe he should try molting (or is it Motling?) like insects do.

Anonymous said...

"Stringman" (sincerest apologies to Neil Young)

I'm singing for the stringman
Who lately lost his brane
There is no clearer fact to me
Than that he has gone insane

On his wall there's an Al Gore effigy
For his head where chaos reigns
But his heart
can't find a simple way
To live with all those Al's.

All those Als
He's a stringman
A stringman
All those strings to pull

Anonymous said...

The picture showing the frostbitten toes seems a bit out of place, until you realize whose website it's on, that is.

llewelly said...

Hm, neat, but the pics flicker by so fast I can only identify the ones I'm quite familiar with.
I think I spotted 5 different usages of the famous Africa-centered Apollo 17 photo.