Sunday, February 04, 2007

While everyone was chasing after the new SPM boyfriend....

Environmental Law Professor's Blog brings word of a Stern seminar, Wed Feb 14 at the JHU SAIS in Washington. Featured panelists are Alex Bowen, Senior Economic Adviser, The Stern Review, Henry (Jake) Jacoby, Professor of Management and Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joe Aldy, Fellow, Resources for the Future.

ELPB also has information from a conference call with Ken Cohen of Exxon, in which Cohen stated that

Exxon Mobil had no knowledge that AEI was soliciting scientists to comment upon the IPCC Assessment and that it did not condone any attempt to dispute or downplay the 4th IPCC assessment. The science "is what it is." Cohen called the assessment "the best compilation of thinking on the subject."


Anonymous said...

Well, antoher anonymice...

It is funny that they have not actual climate scientists on the panel. But what can you expect from the AEI (and ExxonMobil).

Anonymous said...

It is funny that they have not actual climate scientists on the panel."

Not really.

It's by design. The mistake that the tobacco companies made was actually having real scientists on staff to do real research on smoking...which, of course, they had to bury.

Exxon-Mobil learned the lesson well. No research, no need to bury anything and one can "honestly" claim ignorance.

Exxon-Mobil talks conciliation while continuing to bribe people to say what they want them to say -- and they will continue tryingto sabotage the IPCC findings until they get fined for the behavior (or people start boycottingtheir service stations).