Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monty, monty, monty

Behind this door is $10,000 or an angry Ethon. There has been a desultory back and forth about the AEI's search for a better Global Climate Change Denialist Bingo Card, much of it conducted with lawyer like attention to fact when the facts are against you at Volokh Conspiracy. Eli, who actually has no horse in that camel race, came across an interesting pair of interviews on As It Happens, the CBC's evening news program with Steve Schroeder of Texas A&M and Kenneth Green the AEI quizmaster. Download the audio file. The interviews start at 14:00, you can advance the slider to that point. One interesting statement from Green is that the letter was sent MOSTLY to economists and policy analysts with a few scientists thrown in for seasoning.........

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Anonymous said...

Which makes one wonder if resident contrarian Roger Pielke Jr. got a letter and what he might have done with it.

Also, RPJ has never come clean about his article he wrote for Cato's Regulation. Was that a paid gig?