Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pictures from Goresat

Goresat, aka DSCVR has reached the Lagrange point and started sending back pictures of the Earth

Eli has been a fan of Goresat since it was Triana and is happy to see Al Gore's vision realized


Barton Paul Levenson said...


Unknown said...

We talked about this one before, whether there would be enough downlink capacity to take images off the Blue Marble camera?

Hank Roberts said...

Hm. Pretty damn sparse compared to the original promise.

One picture, per day, of yesterday (24-hour delay), and only the three visible range images, combined to make a color picture.

But it's a multispectral camera, far more information supposedly acquired that I'm sure people could do interesting things with.

Pretty poor compared to the original live view. Damn far even from the fallback "picture every two hours" promise I read last year sometime.

So what's the Air Force doing with that time and editing delay?

EliRabett said...

Ankh, everything will be archived it is NASA policy

Hank Roberts said...

More info on the processing and the lag time making images available is at the Planetary Society's blog: http://t.co/tFUG4Hjodu

A site that should be collecting imagery as it becomes available, archiving (Internet Archive) and assembling timelapse 'movies' is at: http://dscovr.space/

I'm wondering when the Moon will also appear in the frame, and hoping they schedule snapshots accordingly.

Impatient? Me?


It's been the Whole Earth Catalog satellite all along , but thanks for the moolah, Al.

EliRabett said...

Still have your copy Russ? Eli lost his way back when;)

Hank Roberts said...

Somebody bought the IP when Point foundered, and at least some of the material is online thanks to whoever did that:


I lost mine too, but Stewart Brand remains a fan.

Chris_Winter said...

And of course both Amazon and eBay can be the means to replace lost books. The Whole Earth Catalog is a case in point:

Amazon — from $24.99 (PB, January 1971)

eBay — $15.95 bid (Fall 1970, 131558654290); $15.95 bid (January 1971, 141720745084); $55.00 (August 1972, 161749752198); $19.99 bid (Jan. 1971 & Aug. 1972, 201390278291); $30.00 (Oct. 1981, 311326386898) and at least 40 more.