Wednesday, December 24, 2014



Sou said...

Happy Christmas, Eli, and all the Rabett family - and readers.

Thanks for the lovely present :)


Thanks for a culinary epiphany- boar's heads have replaced hot dogs on the yuletide table because dogs take forever to roast .

Chase S said...

Eli, how can I contact you? I have some interesting news about "Josh" at WUWT.

Hank Roberts said...

ps for VV and the Good Lord:
No need for a nuclear power plant to broach dramatically, here's
USS Pickerel SS524): "The hot shot skipper put it through its paces, doing all but loop-the-loops submerged. It was the first GUPPY to be home ported at this base. This picture shows it doing a 60-degree up angle surface off the port of Lahaina, Maui, HI. We often did operations here since the water was shallow enough to allow rescue salvage in case of an accident which put the sub on the bottom. It came up from 300 feet at flank speed and rose high enough to bring the front of the sail out of the water. The skipper was trying to beat the record of the Amberjack(SS522) which had set an official record of 40 degrees on the east coast.