Monday, December 29, 2014

House Rules

There is hilarious twittering going on

Now Eli is an old bunny and he thought to hisself, where have the Rabetts heard this before?  So courtesy of UTube and Clip It and for the entertainment of all those out there

So Eli asks who plays Dean Wormer?  Eli knows who plays Otter in this dust up. 


John said...

The actor playing Dean Wormer in the movie Animal House was a Canadian actor who went by the stage name John Vernon, because it sounded better than his original name, which was Adolphus Raymondus Vernon Agopsowicz,

John Vernon had a good reason to change it. His father, Adolph Agopsowicz, should have changed his name also.

John Vernon played mostly villains.

King of the Road said...

Funny movie, Belushi at his best. Karen Allen at her hottest. But the only line with an actual element of truth for a life lesson came from Vernon: "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Dano said...

I devoutly wish for a world where a blog post such as this hits home on the target(s), and the targets aren't such knobs that embarrassment is impossible.

And a pony. Daughter wants a pony.



Everett F Sargent said...

Methinks Judge/Aunt/Philosopher Judy is a bit, just a itty bitty teeny weeny bit, delusional.

When she sez that "You would be amazed at the number of academics that read my blog."

What she really means is that "You would be amazed at the number of dumb hick farmer dicks that comment on my blog."

If I recall correctly, she got badly burned early on, at other climate blogs, before she started her own denier house of ill repute.

Spite and envy are not good traits to display in public, but, you know, she goes there.

When you can't compete with the likes of Gavin Schmidt and Michael Mann, in the field of climate science, one would expect such small minded behaviors from the likes of Willard Anthony Watts, et al.

It's somewhat "amusing" and at the same time "sad" to see a "full blown academic" lose it in such a public way.

Unknown said...

Or as Cary Grant said: "Oh, Judy, Judy, Judy..."
HNY all :)


Present but unaccounted for in this scene is the house organ of the campus parodied in Animal House , the Dartmouth Review, whos illustrious alums include prelaw student James Taylor, who became a Heartland Institute solon after failing to pass the bar, and Dinesh D'Souza, presently doing time in California

Unknown said...

Need more context rabett. What sparked ATTPs tweet?

Reminds me of
where Tucci78 is allowed to say the following.


> What las warmistas propose... in terms of statutes and regulations limiting the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is the perpetration of violent aggression under the wholly spurious guise of “law” against the property rights, the liberties, and even the lives of innocent human beings.

If the victims of this aggression respond – in self-defense – with deadly force to protect their rights against Watermelon viciousness, who initiated the violence?

>in a world made deadly and degraded by “Liberal” fascists – to exercise diligently his unalienable right to keep and bear arms in a responsible and conscientious manner.

Remember, folks, always be aware not only of your target, but also of all other objects downrange. You are not always assured of sinking every round into the “X” ring (there’s a reason for the “double-tap”), and even so many projectiles can easily pass through a “Liberal” fascist completely, for we must remember that such critters are for the greatest part hot air and liquid excrement, “short-sighted, harmful to public discourse, and even dangerous.”

>it might well come down to the use of deadly force to oblige these ‘viro authoritarian fascisti to keep their megalomania under check.

JC response

>Well Tucci78 is regarded as high entertainment by many of the regulars here. Not so much accepting his sentiments, as being entertained by his presentation of them.


cRR Kampen said...

"No I dont take responsibility for comments. I delete comments that violate blog rules" which is taking responsibility for comments, those which she deletes and those which she lets pass.

Climate revisionist syndrome, not able to avoid contradiction even within a statement space of a handful of words.