Monday, April 14, 2014

CNBC covering the carbon bubble

For your TeeVee entertainment. Ran across this while visiting my local Charles Schwab office, two days after I was speaking at a panel sponsored by Santa Clara University students on this issue:

(If it doesn't display, click here for the 3-minute video.)

Turns out it's not the first time CNBC has covered the issue, talking previously about the risk that carbon stranded assets pose to investors.


Anonymous said...


The developed world is alreadydecreasing its CO2 emissions naturally.

With its ageing population, China will likely join this category in coming decades.

With an ageing global economy, we may need more energy not less, to maintain our current lifestyle.

Of course our machine overlords will need energy and likely overturn any silly 'human' laws, anyway.


Leif said...

The Fossil Barons are quick to point out the dilemma of "Stranded Assets" following environmental constraints on polluting the commons. The flip side is the "stranded assets" currently incurred by "We the People" in the mitigation costs of increasing forest firers, floods, storms, sea level rise, agriculture loses, acidified oceans and the like should steps not be made stranding those fossil "assets". while there is still a chance for the survival of the kidders. You think?

Para a Posteridade e mais Além said...

American and Canadian writers use aging. Ageing is the preferred spelling outside North America. The dropping of the e in American and Canadian English does not extend to ageism (meaning discrimination based on age), which is the preferred spelling everywhere.
you are old school n'est pas?

baby boomer in is 70's?
eunice is a greek name in the minotaur sacrifice one of the nereids

eu nice

G.S Callendar in 1938 proposed that general warming is due to the additional CO2
nothing new John Tyndall had argued the same

some say the boglands and marshlands...lock up 366 billions
tons of potential CO2

the problem is from the billions of new people that have additional energy to burn and new land to overexplore....the aging or ageing chinese or americans in 50 years don't count to this equation

and the new oldies in 2064 or 2070 should be like the old people in make room make room

the soylent green with extra people in

1900 - 290 ppm 1958 - 330

2014---and the problem in this xxi century is the CH4

gas is the new oil
and leaks alot

Gordon Rattray Taylor said...

the 1970 Bangladesh storm or hurricane kill more than 500 thousand people

the 199? don't remember kill 200 thousand Bangla's

but the increase of pop is higher

mitigation of disaster's like the valparaiso storm of embers or fire storm implies extra timber and energy and a extra CO2 budget

2,000 houses in valparaiso
6,000 in russia in 2010-2012
and a extra 12,000 in europe due to forest fires
and California and so many many additional CO2 cases

Anonymous said...

A research paper showing China's air pollution is changing world weather. I've suspected for some time, after I noticed sky changes in 2004 or 2005. I wonder in the Asian air pollution is also moderating the rise in global temperature. See Rasool and Schneider's paper in Science in 1974 (?) calculating the potential for aerosol to cool earth's air. Ignore the purple prose and note they do say not considering potential CO2 rise. Often falsely said by deniers to validate the notion that scientists in the 1970s were stampeding in the direction of global cooling.

Regards, Snow Bunny

Anonymous said...


U can still go 2 Taco Bell if you want 2.

good churrasco ó auto de café.... said...

ch4 with thromboxane is note sane

earth abides and the cosmic puppets

men go and men come but....

earth abides

come but? come não...

mad cows and englishmen go out in the midday sun