Saturday, April 12, 2014

And Then Unmasks or Not

And Then There is Physics is taking a break and wondering whether he should unmask.  Eli left some advice, which is worth repeating as it is often discussed

Keep the handle and don’t worry if some “out” you. The nym provides important space where you don’t feel the need to respond to every last bit of abuse, and to look at the world with fresh eyes. There are two other advantages. First it annoys the right people. Second, you can manipulate the nym in ways that amuse you and yours.
Being better known as somebunny else is uplifting and offers wonderful escape fantasies.  For example, Eli and Ms. Rabett have taken to virtual weekend tours, to Paris, to Venice and to points beyond.  The Rabetts get to take private jets, stay in top hotels, engage in romantic strolls and  museums, and oh, those candlelight dinners, although having to order carrots is a bit limiting.  In short, to escape the humdrum. 


And Then There's Physics said...

Thanks, Eli. I can certainly see the advantage of a nym. I have, however, discovered that my identity was easier to determine than I had anticipated. Quite remarkable, but also quite disturbing. My unmasking may be forced upon me :-)

EliRabett said...

As Eli figured out a while ago, to stay completely anonymous requires living life through Tor or similar. not worth the effort.

However, it does not matter. The nym, the back story the attitude are what you really need and want.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda torn.

Jaron Lanier makes the case for public declaration.

But science is about what is said ( and verified ) not who says it.


John said...

I dunno, years ago I had dinner with Eli and Ms. Rabett. Neither of the Rabetts ordered carrots. Or other healthy food. AFAICR, Eli ordered the porkchop.

EliRabett said...

With carrots. Eli has pictures.