Sunday, February 16, 2014

Very Strange

Well to start, it sure looks like the Arctic sea ice anomaly is about where it was this September according to Cryosphere Today

and if Eli goes to the IJIS sea ice extent, this winter's ice is pretty small, like record or close to it

but then you look at the AMSR2 maps from Uni Bremen and well, nothing in the Bering Sea, and the Greenland Sea and Barents Sea are relatively empty but the Gulf of St. Lawrence is nailed shut. 

and PIOMASS is up considerably up as is thickness.

Place your bets.

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Anonymous said...

Rib Smokin' bunny sez: It is all probably a wash, safest bet is holding to simple-minded extrapolation of trends. The sea ice extent has a large area unfrozen north of scandanavia, hence the anomaly dropping now. This will certainly would have melt out early even if frozen. The increase in thickness is at the Canadian archipelago, where the old ice gets blown to anyway, and will not affect area this summer.