Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kerry Emanuel is doing a Reddet IAMA

Kerry Emanuel is doing a Reddet on line interview (called I am a. . climate Scientist).  Eli would like to point out one interesting exchange for the Andy Revkins of the world

[–]sinenox Grad Student|Paleoclimatology 6 points ago
Hi Kerry,

Nice to see you here! Many of us in climate science or paleoclimate, even as grad students, receive unsolicited messages ranging from admonishment to death threats. I was sad to read your op-ed about such messages targeting your family. I know that Michael Mann and others who have been forced in to the spot light in the American media circus can expect this, but for those of us who are just students, can you offer any advice?

Also, what do you think our role is when it comes to educating the public? Where does our obligation to the media end?

[–]kerryemanuel Professor of Atmospheric Science|MIT[S] 5 points ago
I think (and hope) that the worst of the threats etc. are over for climate scientists, and you should not let such threats discourage you from engaging in the very vibrant curiosity-driven research in our field.

As far as communication goes, in my view we are most effective when we talk directly to people about our work. Where possible, avoid going through the media who often have agendas that have little to do with truth finding.
Sow, reap, etc.


a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

There are death threats and there are death threats. I've received a few myself from Internet tough guys.

However, what Mike Mann, Phil Jones, Kate Hayhoe and others have endured demonstrates just how morally bankrupt the libertarian right has become.

Hank Roberts said...

He missed the obvious. Threats should be reported to the police -- not particularly because you take a particular one seriously, but because patterns emerge over time.

Someone whose veneer of civilization is cracked and peeling needs attention sooner rather than later.

Dano said...

I agree with Hank that threats should be reported.

I also agree that using the media as a vehicle for your voice has its problems.

Around these parts we are having problems with the media and folks trying to explain a certain insect pest. I'm not sure its the fault of the reporter - who wants to get it right - as it is with the system.