Sunday, December 22, 2013



From National Geographic, via Buzzfeed. I wanted to see if that foreground tree is still there.


From Google Street View. Same stones (with a few patch jobs). The tree's scrawnier but definitely the same one 50+ years later. I wonder how long it's been there.

UPDATE:  I think I agree with the comments, the Street View should be a car length to the left. Still the right tree, though.


Hank Roberts said...

I sure miss Kodachrome.

Nothing has looked quite right since.

Anonymous said...

To me it looks like a different spot. Not sure the stones are the same. I think you need to go to the right until you can see more of the 2nd cliff on the left.

Anonymous said...

Now I think you need to go a tack to the left. The path widens just a bit, you're there. You'll see the exact stones.

Oale said...

longer objective, I'd say the first is something like 150mm-300mm

Hank Roberts said...

Sites like that tend to get a little careful and non-obvious tree-trimming from time to time, otherwise the view gets blocked.

Kevin O'Neill said...

On street view you'll need to go one car length more to the left, then you'll see the exact stones. The tree trunk will line up almost perfectly with the mountain features above it.

The stones I used as markers are the blackish one to the left of the woman in blue sitting and the large one that goes almost to the pavement that's right in front of the woman standing in the black dress with grey hair.

Nurdle for One said...

oooohh ..major spookiness .. that's MY facebook cover photo!!! .. will trawl back and try and find out the date .. tree looks very healthy.