Friday, December 20, 2013

Where will the Fat Elf Go When the North Pole Starts to Melt

Peter Gleick has looked in his letter box to find a sad letter he had to send his grandchildren in 2020, which starts.

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 I'm sorry to have to tell you there will be no presents from Santa this year.
It's not that you've been bad. Rather the world's governments (sometimes run by bad boys and girls now grown up) have failed to address the long-worsening problem of climate change. Santa is the latest climate victim. As the last of the summer ice at the North Pole finally disappeared, Santa's workshop sank to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. When the insurance companies cancelled most flood insurance policies, and Canada claimed the North Pole, Santa lost everything and became the latest climate refugee.. . . .
James Titus, aka Captain Sea Level Rise, in another example of time travel provided the musical accompaniment in 1988.  It was a very good year for climate prognostication


Anonymous said...

Has Peter forged any documents lately?
You trotting out Peter Glieck is like P4911T trotting out John Lear, at least from a credibility standpoint.

We shall see what 2020 brings.


riverat said...

Maybe Santa can find a home with Eli's cousin, the Easter Bunny.


And maybe James Clapper will get a new job as Joe Bast's understudy.

Santa's bouyancy problem has been exacerbated by all the lumps of coal bad children have taken out of their stockings and tossed on the fire

Tom Curtis said...

Obviously nobody listened to Santa's plea.

EliRabett said...

Dear disapprover of Peter Gleick, Eli would like to help your head explode

silence7 said...

Could you please confirm that you're the same person who is using this account on reddit:


Anonymous said...


My head will not explode from exposure to your idiocy.


EliRabett said...

Ce moi

Anonymous said...

Better might have been a letter to impoverished children in undeveloped Africa.

"Dear children, there will be no school bus, or refrigerators, or medical equipment for you. It's just to dangerous. No, I don't know why it might be dangerous, but it must be because it's in all those scary movies. Sorry - the carbon grinch."

Brian said...

Kind of like the way the haters lied about what Rachel Carson said about DDT and Africa, we now have someone claiming we're literally trying to deny transportation and refrigeration to the poorest people in Africa.

Hint: look up carbon footprints. The world's poorest are not the problem.


Yes, Brian, but there's no denyng that nations with low end carbon footprints suffer minimal life expectancy as well..

ligne said...

wait, i thought that all this AGW stuff was a UN plot to redistribute wealth *to* Africa? or was that last week's plan?

either way, i wish i had a moustache, so i could twirl it.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

AT1: "My head will not explode from exposure to your idiocy."

He's right. No danger of an explosion. The sheer vacuum pressure from lack of anything inside it is more likely to cause implosion.

Anonymous said...

A_ray how is life up Dilbert's ass lately? You never answered my last question.


a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

AT1, who can keep up with your silly-assed questions or you disturbed sexual fantasies?

All we can really do is stand back as you implode from sheer stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous troll #1 said:

"Has Peter forged any documents lately?"

There was no need for Gleick to forge the strategy memo. Everything in it was corroborated by the other documents he obtained from Heartland (yeah, we get that he obtained them nefariously. It's not like Heartland doesn't do anything underhanded. More crocodile tears from AT #1). It's plain for all to see if you just read the other documents, as most of us did when this story first broke.

Denial of the strategy memo being of Heartland origin was the best lie that Bast could come up with to distance himself from yet another PR disaster. But no one who is rational is buying into that. Go read the other documents. It's all in there, the grand plan to misinform the K-12th grade students, all of it. The strategy memo is just a synopsis of the other documents. I think they're all archived on desmogblog, but couldn't be bothered to dig up the link as AT #1 wouldn't read the stuff anyway. It prefers to wallow in its conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Although, what the hey, found them in my first search:

The strategy memo is actually quite brief and not as detailed as the other 6 docs (not including the IRS form 990, which is in the public domain anyway) that Gleick unearthed.

Anonymous said...

"you disturbed sexual fantasies"

More lies from a_ray.

It was you, on two occasions that brought little boys into the conversation. That is your problem.


cRR Kampen said...

So Troll #1 now too accepts the fact that Peter Gleick deserves a statue in gold in every capital of the world.


a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Google "projection" and read the definition the pertains to psychology.

Then while you are at it, look up "clue".

Anonymous said...

Right a_ray, keep thinking everyone else is the problem. You mention them, you have them on your mind, not me. Own the words you type, or are you not man enough to do that?

So to sum up this thread. If you feel you are right then anything goes, the ends justify the means.

Anyone who thinks that fake memo was a real Heartland document needs their head examined.


Thomas Lee Elifritz said...

Anyone who thinks that any Heartland document, real or fake, is still any kind of an issue is living a fantasy. But please do enjoy your nutty commercialized religious cult holiday. Do it, for the CHILDREN! lol.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Given that you can't even spell GLEIK, despite it being present on the very page you were writing, why should we credit anything you say on the subject?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who thinks that any Heartland document, real or fake, is still any kind of an issue is living a fantasy."

Hear that metz, that is for you.

I knew you were not a man a_ray. I knew you could not stand behind your own words. So now we are reduced to typos and spelling errors, you best be careful then. Ah nevermind you are not a man as you will not in the future abide by your own rules.


Thomas Lee Elifritz said...

Real mean break the rules! lol. A-1 is such a dweeb.

Anonymous said...

AT#1 said:

'"Anyone who thinks that any Heartland document, real or fake, is still any kind of an issue is living a fantasy."

Hear that metz, that is for you.'

Says the hypocrite who kicked off the comments here with "Has Peter forged any documents lately?".

The AT#1 troll is too stoopid to realise it's taking the p1ss out of itself.

Anonymous said...


I am not the one who wrote a mini essay on the topic, moron.


According to a_ray I do not need to listen to you because you misspelled a word, bye.

Any other dumb responses to smack down?