Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Melting Season Arrives

Interesting days.  Because the ice is so thin there can be rapid changes on a day to day basis, plus which things appear just weird.  A combination of cold temperatures which are just starting to break and a long lasting cyclone have broken the ice up near the pole and over by the Northern Sea Route along the Russian coast.  For an indicator of the interesting days to come look at today's AMSR2 sea ice map

Even a higher latitudes than 85N there is a considerable area of broken up ice.  The Russian coast appears ready to clear while over on the Canadian side, the central channel of the Northwest passage is breaking up but outside of the islands the ice cover is almost complete, or as the Stoat says, a seaicing we shall go.


SCM said...

Alaska is experiencing some very warm weather at the moment which may start to affect the sea ice of the coast.

EliRabett said...

Record highs some places Eli hears, and yes, it does appear to be moving to the coast. 27C in Cape Lisburne on the Arctic side of the Bering Strait. is a clickable map which shows temperatures in the Arctic.


Who doesn't want to spend a summer sailing from Aberdeen to Alaska?

cRR Kampen said...

You are looking at the catastrophe. To believe it might be something else, for a while yet.

Check out NASA/Terra Modis true color sat pics and marvel at the pancaking.

Martin Vermeer said...

> Who doesn't want to spend a summer sailing from Aberdeen to Alaska?

Yep, but don't feed the crocodiles


Martin, been there, blogged that :

The Earth is steadily growing warmer. As all the ice at the two poles melts a stupendous volume of water will be released.

Fish will swim in Buckingham Palace...New York will be marked by the...taller skyscrapers as they jut out of the water...the when dinosaurs roamed the earth and dense jungles...grew in...Canada.

Palms and alligators would flourish at the poles's food supply will not is a question if he will survive '

-- The New York Times..May 15, 1932