Friday, June 14, 2013

Drop the Stick and Back Slowly Away From That Horse Carcass

Leo Hickman reports at the Guardian that he has received a letter from the NIPCC translators in China.  (see earlier post for scene setting about how Heartland is braying about their propaganda being translated).  After some introductory words on who they are the Bunnies get to the bottom (or what is now the bottom, but as they say, developing)

we translated the brief opinions of the 2009/2011 NIPCC reports and arrange a workshop in China, in order to let the researchers in China to know what and how the NIPCC address their opinions.

 On your puzzles and the false information from the NIPCC on website, we claim that, all what we have done on the Chinese edition and the workshop, does not reflect the translators, our center and CAS agree with NIPCC views. As an information group,we try to provide the climate change researchers worldwide information as a third party. we provide such a worshop and the Chinese edition is to promote the discussion or dialogue among the researchers from different research fields or with different opinions. NIPCC's report is a research/discussion object in this workshop.
In the words of the Wikipedia, should Eli let this poor animal rest in peace. . . . Naw =:)


Sou said...

A workshop now. That's new. I wonder how many will go, and of those how many will just go to snigger and gawk and those crazy Americans?

Captcha: answer ngaldn

Which I suppose is as good an answer as any.

Sou said...

"at" those crazy Americans.

Blame the cat!

As if to prove it - this time Captcha says Salem!

Hank Roberts said...

I say it's horseburger, and needs further tenderizing. Wale away!

bill said...

The claim of the Heartland Institute about CAS’ endorsement of its report is completely false.

No kidding, no translation necessary, and straight from the mouth of the deceased odd-toed ungulate mammal.

Deech56 said...

The Heartland links go to pages that (for me) read "Access Denied."

Deech56 said...

So the up-down cycle is in a down portion.