Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Dagger

It was pretty obvious there was one, and here it is out in plain view (well buried in a footnote, which is plain view in science speak) in Recursive fury: Conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere in response to research on conspiracist ideation Stephan Lewandowsky, John Cook, Klaus Oberauer and Michael Hubble-Marriott

5.   The authors subsequently obtained a control sample via a professional survey  rm
in the U.S: This representative sample of 1,000 respondents replicated the results
involving conspiracist ideation reported by LOG12 (Lewandowsky et al., 2013).
Lewandowsky, S., Gignac, G. E., & Oberauer, K. (2013). The role of conspiracist ideation and worldviews in predicting rejection of science. Manuscript submitted for


willard said...

The working link is this:


Steve Bloom said...

On a somewhat related subject, Eli will want to know that Beenstock didn't know jack after all.

Anonymous said...

Another future publication generating a torrent of responses, which will be used in another paper.

Then it will be time for a synthesis paper. Which will generate lots of comments, including rehashes of comments about the first paper. These comments won't of course not go to waste.

If I were a grad student under Lewandowsky's direction, I would not worry about datas (about my life is another matter). But as a mere geophysicist I can only bow in front of the best master research troll I've ever seen.


John Mashey said...

A few social scientists indeed are able to do such recursion, as per Algol, C, etc.

Geophysicists and climate scientists in general are more like FORTRAN: no recursion, since their subjects of study don't read papers or blogs.

Anonymous said...

-- by Horatio Algeranon

The Lewandowsky Loop
Is giving us the poop
On skeptical diversion

The movie never ends
With data re-generations
Interminable Möbius trends
And sciency incantations

Steve Bloom said...

Also see this new piece of social science research on the climate attitudes of geologists and engineers in... Alberta!


Nothing beats<a href='http://vvattsupwiththat.blogspot.com/2013/02/home-home-on-range.html"> the veracular architecture of Alberta .</a>




Nothing beats the vernacular architecture of Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Horatio!

Anonymous said...

Well color me stoopid, that is why they call me Hey Stoopid".

'"Crank" is a pejorative term used for a person who holds an unshakable belief that most of his or her contemporaries consider to be false. A crank belief is so wildly at variance with those commonly held as to be ludicrous. Cranks characteristically dismiss all evidence or arguments which contradict their own unconventional beliefs, making rational debate a futile task, and rendering them impervious to facts, evidence, and rational inference.'

The tiny vocal minority of denialati cranks, appear to easily upset, of the reality of the real world! lol

"The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is." Winston Churchill

Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theorist and bully Jeff Condon has gotten his knickers in a twist over this. Unfortunately conspiracy theorists can't realize that they are conspiracy theorists.

Jeff is also playing very loose with the truth in this case.

Captcha for this post is "liesBru". What a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Well now the paper is pulled and the lies and the idiocy are gone, for now.

Anonymous said...

Could be wrong, but I bet that the paper will probably be published online again soon once Condon's deceit and storm in a tea cup has been exposed.

Alas, the idiocy from the deniers and "skeptics" is guaranteed to continue unabated.

Anonymous said...

Good thing that journal has integrity, but I doubt enough to make up for your lack of it.

J Bowers said...

"Some of the regulars here are having trouble telling the anonymice apart. Please add some distinguishing name to your comment such as Mickey, Minnie, Mighty, or Fred."

Anonymous said...

"Some of the regulars here are having trouble telling the anonymice apart. Please add some distinguishing name to your comment such as Mickey, Minnie, Mighty, or Fred so we can ignore your posts once we determine you are not on our team, do not tow Rabett line, or conform to our view of the world>"

Remain anonymous anons, at least they have to read the whole post before their programmed response kicks in.

Anonymous said...

@7/2/13 3:36 PM

or the landowner will permanently ban non-signed messages, whatever the content is.

Since you call yourself "anon", you surely know about the system mOOt uses for his site. Use it. It saves everyone headaches, and you will remain an anon.


Gaz said...

Hey, anonymous, where aren't you going to tow the line to?

EliRabett said...

For those celebrating the "demise" of Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook's latest put the paper hats and noisemakers away. First of all it is still in the cache, second, it is moving from pre-publication to published mode which accounts for the change in the links on the preprint page. Third, anyone know a site which strips out the annoying Google redirects?

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Anon: "Remain anonymous anons, at least they have to read the whole post before their programmed response kicks in."

Nah! Once I see the first sentence doesn't make sense, I'm pretty sure it's you.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating the demise of junk science? Absolutely.

I understand why Democrats want stronger gun control when they do not get their way they go on a rampage killing spree. They certainly project these fears of their evil onto everyone. You all must be proud of Christopher Dorner.

What is that? You say that is an absurd statement above? Actually I agree, it is absurd, but it does make a point. If Christopher's manifesto made statements about supporting the Tea Party or any Republican leaders, that would be the lead of every news segment and article about him.


ligne said...


Anonymous is 6 years old, AICMFP.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Ooh! Must'a struck a nerve.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the manifesto of Christopher Dorner *does make* statements of supporting a Republican leader! He clearly stated he wanted to vote for Jon Huntsman as presidential candidate! He also indicates he'd like Chris Christie as president in 2016 if Hillary Clinton doesn't get it.


Anthony David said...

@John Mashey

You do know FORTRAN 90 onwards does recursion. In fact I've used it myself as a student. Never in serious code though.

bluegrue said...

A little post necromancy: The paper has been published.

Lewandowsky S, Gignac GE, Oberauer K (2013) The Role of Conspiracist Ideation and Worldviews in Predicting Rejection of Science. PLoS ONE 8(10): e75637

Lewandowsky and Oberauer also put up an FAQ