Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good idea! And if anybody doesn't like it, f*ck them!

It's been getting out of hand, so Eli, Brian and John are going to deep six any comments which use curse words to describe others.


Anonymous said...

What about coarse words?

Bernard J.

thanes said...
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Anonymous said...

Well that means a_ray will not be able to reply to people he diagrees with. And others will have a harder time understanding him as you just removed half his vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Does this include analogues like "felgercarb!" And what about insults like, "That guy spends most of his time having nose-to-nose arguments with E. Coli"? And, of course, there is the question of lard (shortening): FFS, WTF, OMFG, et al.


David B. Benson said...

Could even be automated!

Anonymous said...

"Intercourse correction"
-- by Horatio

Intercourse correction
Requires ejection
Without erection
Of disaffection

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Nonsense, I can still refer to you as an ignorant foodtube, and imbecile, an ignoramus, a clownshoe, a tool, a bot, a denizen of the portion of the IQ curve that is shallow and gently rising. That's just for starters. I'm sure your idiocy could inspire me to new creativity as well.

Jeffrey Davis said...

Are "Republican" and "right winger" curse words?

badger badger badger said...

[obscene gerund] [anatomically explicit epithet]!

Anonymous said...

What about 'abort'? I always thought that one had a kind of nasty ring to it. As opposed to 'nominal'.


Curses! Foiled again !

Like Phoebe Snow
With language white
Let's pave the way
For Anthracite.

William M. Connolley said...

You're a wanker, Bunny-bottom.

(Just testing :-)

Anonymous said...


You are so predictable. It makes for pure entertainment, pulling your strings.

99% of the time all you do is attack other commentors, harldy ever contributing your own thoughts on any given topic.

Thanks for yet another lol moment.

Anonymous said...

"Are "Republican" and "right winger" curse words?"

To you, yes. All box makers label people, it makes it easy for them to elevate one's opinion of one's self and dismissing arguments is much easier when you do not have to deal with the substance, just throw away the box.

Another predictable answer, .

Jeffrey Davis said...

Anonymous at 4:02.

Your answer seems a bit recursive.

(The joke didn't occur to me until after I'd written it.)

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Gee, Anon@3:58, try actually giving some thoughts that aren't just regurgitated talking points and maybe we can have a conversation. Oh, wait, thought is not what you guys do, is it? It might take you off message, right, clownshoe?

Anonymous said...

"Talking Points","Clownshoe","you guys".


A_ray has obviosly spent too much time in Dilbert's space.


An don't forget to censor the sidebar cartoons !

John Farley said...

We do not wish to censor anybody. Rather, we endeavor to promote civility and elevate the discussion, using the measured tones befitting academic discourse.

So, instead of saying "my opponent is a M***F***er", instead you might say,

"My opponent is, of course, entitled to his opinion. He is not, however, entitled to be a know-it-all, a smart pants, a dingbat, a wiseguy, a tiresome whiner, a psycho, or a BOMBASTIC, KNOW-NOTHING J E R K !!!!"

Clearly, this elevates the discussion.

I'm feeling elevated already!!

EliRabett said...

Keep it up and Mom Rabett will punch you out.