Sunday, October 28, 2012

Michelle Obama GOTV skit with Eli Rabett

I found this skit on the Internets. Michelle Obama is engaged in a televised skit, urging citizens to get out and vote. The First Lady sneaks into a bedroom, armed with noisemaker and megaphone, and rouses a sleepy citizen.
Check out the youtube video. Now of course the naive and untutored think that the citizen is Jimmy Kimmel. That's what THEY want us to think! But not me! I am wise to Their tricks!
Michelle Obama utters the magic words, "eat some carrots". CARROTS!! Get it?? That gives away the identity of the citizen that she has just roused.
It's Eli Rabett himself! Jimmy Kimmel is just the front man. Can't be him. Too obvious.
For the unconvinced: did you ever see Jimmy Kimmel eat a carrot? Didja? Me neither.

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