Friday, October 05, 2012


Borrowed from James Fallows, who got it from some Japanese guy, who. . . .

It is that good and a fantastic way to start the weekend.  Share it with your honey bunny.  That is all.


willard said...

Here's a famous version in French.

Jeffrey Davis said...

Re: the claim that this is the actual take, I doubt it. Towards the end of the song Jobim, in his enthusiasm, sings away from the microphone on several occasions. That's either the most sensitive microphone of all time, or they're lip-syncing an earlier performance.

And I may be crazy, but I think that in every Elis Regina performance of this I've ever heard, she giggles at the same place. Maybe I keep hearing the same performance. She's a fantastic singer regardless. I think our emphasis on "feelings" in performance art is a mistake. A projection on our part. The artist could be worried about having left the stove on. Or something else entirely. But what do I know? I've heard (or read?) comments from (one of) the most intellectual musical artist ever (Charles Ives) in which he complains about the recording process and the way feelings drain away doing take after take.