Thursday, November 24, 2011

No Comment Needed


It get's weirder

FWIW this is an edit of the full hearing with the fireworks but the entertainment value is terrific

For the bunny's further amusement the full Young Rant

And the sum up


Oale said...

The female (secretary?) on the back is quite expressive.

EliRabett said...


amoeba said...

I don't often laugh out loud but this clip was funny.

Ouch! That blow was a direct hit. Professor Brinkley, has obviously been polishing his verbal sparring skills, whereas 'Representative' Young, revealed that he is an obnoxious bully and ignoranus, (an idiot who talks out of his arse).
(The term 'Representative' has a particularly ironic resonance)

Don Young R-Ak
According to DirtyEnergyMoney
Sided with Dirty Energy interests in 100% of selected votes.
Has received $558,658 from Coal [15%] & oil [85%].

Martin Vermeer said...

This interview with Prof Brinkley is worth watching

Anonymous said...

Good thing is : this is in America, there are chances Don Young will get his ass kicked hard. In France ... well in France experts do not appear on public hearings, that solves the case :/

By the way, I just love how some in the Youtube comments say "this is heavily edited, look at the context" (must be the same ripping Jones mail out of context". How much context do you need to see an arrogant ass abusing the power he has not in order to bully a witness, just because the witness *dared to correct for the record his name* ?


Lionel A said...

Have a read of Greg Palast's latest 'Vulture's Picnic' which puts Representative Young and his fighting for drilling in context wrt the Arctic. That place has already been raped and Young is hell-bent on repeating that example.

If anybody tries to tell you that big power companies act ethically and responsibly then Vulture's Picnic proves the lie from big oil to nuclear with those snap-crackle-pop emergency generators which fail as soon as started.

J Bowers said...

Chapter One of Vultures' Picnic available at Greg's site.

Brian said...

The Yuba College thing was a miss. The good hit was that every other Representative in Congress loves the land in his district, but Young goes out of his way to insult his owns state.

Turboblocke said...

From an episode of "How I met your Mother", which until now I thought was satire:
Barney Stinson: Robin, not only were you wrong, but you stubbornly stuck to your guns and insulted me in the process.
Barney Stinson: Congratulations, you are an American.

RobH said...

Wow! I just because a HUGE fan of Professor Brinkley! Nice work!!

Anonymous said...

Nuthin' like righteous stupidity!

I'm a huge new fan of Professor Rice.

RobH said...

That was suppose to read "I just **became** a huge fan of Brinkley."

Ed Darrell said...

My opinion of Dr. Brinkley just shot up a lot.

Dr. Brinkley, all who are about to write or make history, salute you.

I'm reminded of the debate over the Intermountain Power Project aimed at Delta, Utah, in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, my mother spent a good deal of time growing up in Delta, or on a "farm" near the town. I mean no disrespect to the Great State of Utah, which hosts Bryce Canyon N.P., Zion Canyon N.P., Cedar Breaks N.M., Canyonlands N.P., Capitol Reef N.P., Arches N.P., and thousands of other spectacular sights, when I say that most of the people protesting the siting of the IPP plant agreed over beers that a big, ugly power plant would probably improve the view in Delta, a sagebrush desert of epic proportions.

So, yes, there are places in the U.S. that are so desolately ugly that a local congressman might insult them with the full-throated approval of their constituents.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not one of those places. Young is out of line maligning a wildlife refuge for lack of scenery. The caribou don't care. They don't need scenery.