Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hints from Heloise Rabett

So Eli thought everybunny knew this, but some he has recently run into didn't. If someone gives you a form to fill out and you threw the old Selectric out after forging George Bush's discharge papers, what to do? Well you could use Ink ©Steve Jobs, but you could also

a. Scan the damn thing
b. Import it into your WYSIWYG word processor (TeX being a sickness of physicists)
c. Place the image behind the text
d. Type over it
e. Print the combo out or create an Acrobat image using pdf995 or your local pdf printer faker.


Rattus Norvegicus said...


If it isn't an editable PDF, I usually print it out, fill it in my hard to read rat scratch and then scan the result. Probably takes less time.

Jeffrey Davis said...

What are you talking about? People are always giving me forms to fill out. I use a pen to write in the information.

Anonymous said...

Or you could also write directly on the pdf (well, technically a layer on top of the pdf until you want to make the addition permanent) using PDF Annotator® and e-ink, then save the modified pdf and e-mail it (or print it to a squashed tree product and use snail mail).

Of course, you'd also need a Wacom tablet and stylus (other products are available), but they strictly aren't essential, though writing with a mouse is only for those with a desire for being excruciated.

Or if you wanted a typeface rather than handwriting you could use the same software to copy and paste from a web page, Word doc, ... directly in to the pdf.

BTW, I like the TeX comment. I can't believe no one has taken you to task yet. As someone who copy edits both forms I can see the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Cymraeg llygoden

Mike Coombes said...

Thank you! This tip came at just the right time as I have a form that needs to go overseas and I hate printing block letters by hand into small spaces. It always looks sloppy.

To expand slightly on your tip, if you are given a pdf that is not editable and you have Adobe Reader you can copy a page of your pdf to the Clipboard and then paste it into MS Word or whatever.

Anonymous said...