Sunday, September 04, 2011

Roy Spencer and the Galileo Godwin Meltdown

Has there ever been a better Galileo Godwin meltdown than Roy Spencer's.

We have a new INTERNET tradition here folks. Claiming to be Galileo persecuted by the Nazis is a first (or maybe a second, it's a big net out there.

The bunnies stand in awe. Horatio versifies.


Anonymous said...

Horatio Algernon's link is broken.

Anonymous said...

The meltdown at Roy's place continues. His latest blog post contains so much BS, so many strawmen, misrepresents his "evil" opponents' position so grossly that I no longer care to waste time debunking his inane, juvenile and paranoid garbage. Honest to God I will never understand why Roy Spencer went into science-- it sure as heck was not because he was curious or was interested in advancing the science. Perhaps he saw it as an opportunity to use the science for other means and towards another end?

If someone else wishes to identify and deconstruct the logical fallacies, distortions and plain wrong assertions in his latest blog post about the cloud feedback then please do go ahead. Actually, please do make an effort to point out and dispel his BS good bunnies...


Horatio Algeranon said...

Well, in psychobabble, that would prolly be known as the "Goebbeleo Complex"

William M. Connolley said...

SP Sr is foaming at the mouth:

Anonymous said...

Roger Snr,

"This is truly a hatchet job and will only further polarize the climate science debate.."

As will his inflammatory blog post....Roger Snr forgets, conveniently, that this fiasco is traceable back to Spencer and his ilk, and now he is happily endorsing the rhetoric and bad science of Roy Spencer. So now Roger Snr too goes down in flames....

Anonymous said...

Pielke writes that Spencer and Christy's errors were "identified as soon as found". I'm not sure how it could be otherwise.


Rattus Norvegicus said...

Corrected is a different matter!

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, let us help Pielke Snr and Jnr remember some of the errors, fallacious claims and distortion etc. that Spencer and Christy have made over the years.


Steve Scolnik said...

"Galileo persecuted by the Nazis" was a Googlenope ™ until this post.

Word verification: sayins

Anonymous said...

Roy is rather good at the sooking, not so good at answering the criticisms. He does have his fawning sycophants, but as a serious scientist he must be almost done.

Doomsaying Little Mouse

Horatio Algeranon said...

Obscurity entreats "Come on folks, let us help Pielke Snr and Jnr remember some of the errors, fallacious claims and distortion etc. that Spencer and Christy have made over the years."

Here's one made by Spencer:

"The long-term increases in carbon dioxide concentration that have been observed at Mauna Loa since 1958 could be driven more than [sic] by the ocean than by mankind’s burning of fossil fuels." -- from "Atmospheric CO2 Increases: Could the Ocean, Rather Than Mankind, Be the Reason?" (by Roy W. Spencer)

Tamino pointed out some of the elementary logic and math errors in Spencer's "supporting argument" in A Bag of Hammers

J Bowers said...

Stephan Lewandowsky: Climate sceptic science: read with caution

William M. Connolley said...

It keeps getting better:

seamus said...

Yo Belette, I know it's easy enough to just copy/paste the urls, but if you make them clickable links, then they can see someone is visiting from Rabett's place! ;-)

SP Sr is foaming at the mouth

It keeps getting better

J Bowers said...

"...the war being waged against us"?!

I can imagine Ben Santer spitting his coffee out at that (for those with an hour and three quarters to spare).

J Bowers said...

And let's not forget, 'Roy Spencer Steps Outside Protocol to Attack Scientist'.

Horatio Algeranon said...

"The War Being Waged Against Us"
-- Horatio Algeranon's versification of Roy Spencer (Episode 2 of "All My Conspiracy Theories")

There's a war being waged against us
By the good-ol'-boy IPCC
Whose currency is group think
And agenda plain to see.
The wagons are being circled
With a report in preparation
The peers are being rewarded
With continued remuneration.
There's a bust-gut effort to ensure:
-- That nothing gets accepted
Which interferes with political goals
Or policies enacted.
-- That any paper that does get by
Which challenges consensus
Is summarily discredited
With ad hominem against us.