Monday, September 05, 2011

Eli predicts that Roy's Tuesday is not going to be much better than his Friday

and you can quote him on that

In the meantime to warm the bunnies up a reprise of Dessler smokes Lindzen (foul habit that), which given that Spencer and Braswell 2011 is an illegitimate offspring of Lindzen and Choi whenever, will be a great warm up for Andy Dessler's GRL to appear tomorrow


David B. Benson said...

Certainly hope not.

Anonymous said...

I predict Judith Curry, regardless of what happens, will conclude Dr. Spencer had the better day, and follow that up with 10 climategate articles.

Charles said...

I don't think it will matter how well Andrew "smokes" Roy in terms of the science. The denialists will use this resignation incident to claim gatekeeping and conspiracy for some time to come, I'm guessing--and a certain percentage of the public will swallow it all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Charles.

And as this seems to be a prediction thread, I predict that when the Artic experiences its firt ice-free summer, there will be Denialati claiming that it's a moon-landing style of fraud, or that it was deliberately melted in a conspiracy by the scientific consensus to make the denialati look bad, or that "it happened during the mediæval warm period so it doesn't matter", or that "it weren't carbon dioxide wot dun it", or that "it's cooling dontchya know?", or that "it's good for the planet", or any combination of the preceding...

Hopefully recalcitrant AGW denialism will by then be a crime against humanity.

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII

J Bowers said...

Dessler's paper's available HERE.

Skeptical Science's take on it is HERE.

Jim Eager said...

"Denialati claiming that it's a moon-landing style of fraud"

I've already seen exactly that in regards to the Pertermann glacier "Manhattan-size" iceberg over on Huffington Post.

Sou said...

I don't often visit Spencer's site, but his latest post is a classic. Does he know how foolish he is I wonder?

How's this for a comment on how global warming can affect weather (even better when read in context - the record weather in Texas):

...a specific drought might have instead been made LESS severe by the general tendency toward MORE rainfall, which is a much more robust prediction of the climate models with warming.

Funny, I always thought a drought was a period of less than expected rain, not a 'general tendency toward MORE rainfall'.

(I bet the Texans are happy that because of global warming, they've had more rain than they would otherwise have had.)

cRR Kampen said...

"Does he know how foolish he is I wonder?" asked Sou. Like The Rabett concludes once a good while: it's called Calvinball. Do not underestimate the power of confusion. Roy Spencer, Ph. D, may be assumed to know what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Have the bunnies seen Roy's latest attempt to defame Dessler?

Evidently Roy has not paid any attention to what Dr. Nielsen-Gammon has been saying about the drought over most of the Southern Great Plains, for example, see here:

Now why did Roy not show the graph shown by Dr. N-G above?

Come on bunnies, please remind Roy of this graph-- i cannot i have been banned, evidently in part b/c Spencer thinks that I am Dr. Trenberth.

Please do not let Roy's attempt at generating a smokescreen to detract from his dire failings work.


David B. Benson said...

Smoke bad for health.

Aaron said...

Incremental risk management is harder when there are lags between policy change and action. For example, reducing carbon emissions now, will allow global warming to slow down in 12 presidential terms or 24 congressional terms or only 8 senate terms.

We do not think policy on the same time scale as AGW.

J Bowers said...

@ Obscurity.

The Texas Stae Climatologist seems to be quite unimpressed.