Thursday, April 07, 2011

Exposing Herself to Art

Lucia has been conducting an odd little seance touched off by Keith Kloor, drama queen, and Michael Tobis, in the role of Hamlet. Nuts and bolts, is that MT speculated

It's pretty much inevitable that the Heartland gang has their own list or lists wherein they collate their nonsense and try to hush up its bizarre contradictions. I suspect they also have some political list which dreams up and coordinates their random ambushes on innocents and serious researchers.
After Eli wrote that there is a well known ClimateSkeptics Yahoo group that has some of these characteristics and others pointed out that Morano sends out daily hit lists, la Belle Dame demanded Eli sojourn there and find
a list matching the characteristics suggested by Michael Tobis existed. Based on MT’s comment, these are:
  1. The list belongs to the “Heartland gang” and/or
  2. the function of the list is to “they collate their nonsense and try to hush up its bizarre contradictions.” and ,
  3. they also have some political list which “dreams up and coordinates their random ambushes on innocents and serious researchers.”.
Arthur Smith, in an Email to Eli, summed it up perfectly
"Oh, what a mind-bending thread of discussion. Lucia is as usual trying
to persuade all and sundry to believe her and not their lying eyes or
brains which just happened to read something that seems to directly
contradict what she is claiming. How do you manage to engage there and
stay sane?"
Those bunnies who remember the recent political campaign (wherever you are) recognize Lucia's trick. Define something your opponent has said, awkwardly enough that you can say anything you want about it. It's not what is said, but figuring out where the twist is that tells the story. In this case, the take away is from what is not said and how it is not said
  • Lucia was a member or is aware of a list or network of correspondents that more or less matches what Michael was talking about
  • That the list members discuss and polish various and sundry stuff related to some of the climate nonsense they are pushing
  • That many of the members have participated in the Heartland Conferences, but the list was not necessarily organized by Heartland
Now Eli, Eli of course, believes no such thing although he has lately received some interesting, but confidential Emails, but this interaction between Steve Mosher and Lucia is, well you can smell the carrots on their breath.

Shortly after confirming the authenticity of the Climategate files, Mosher says he saw the link to the file on the Air Vent. “My first reaction to the link was relief,” he said. “I didn’t want to be the only person who had these files and the task of plowing through all the mails was overwhelming.”

Mosher understood the power of the peer-to-peer review network. The task of mining the emails for relevant data could only be undertaken by the group that had been closely monitoring the workings of the global warming establishment. Once the link was on the Air Vent, Mosher hit the ground running. He simultaneously informed Jeff Id and Lucia Liljegren of the existence of the link on the blog.

and willard has been following tracks in the snow from Roman M and digging Lucia a fun Air Vent
Here’s the question:
> Is this the mailing list [] that Andrew Montford mentioned in his book?
Here’s the first answer I got:
> That’s the group []. I just got admitted.
Here’s another answer I got:
> I meant that the link you provide is the one Eli provided.
Here’s now the answer I get:
> I interpreted your question asking whether the link Eli provided and Montfords book as raising the possibility that it was.


Michael Tobis said...

Oh Lord save us. It's spreading.

susan said...

This is excellently done.
OT: About less attractive furry animals; not hard to find symbolism but perhaps one should stick to logic:

"Australian rats scurry to desert en masse after rains

"A mass migration of rats is under way into the inland deserts of Australia after a run of high rainfall seasons, scientists say.

"The native long-haired rat, or Rattus villosissimus, normally lives in the Barkly Tableland of the Northern Territory and in western Queensland...."

EliRabett said...

In God we trust, all others pay cash

Anonymous said...

Sorry if off topic, but I have to vent my conspiracy theory somewhere.

This climate related email leak, pre-dates the CRU hack:

It also uses the phrase "kept under wraps", and indeed that is how it came up as one of the first hits in Google (with additional terms "climate" and pre-cru date). So, when i saw it also concerned an email leak from the dark side, then it triggered my smell receptors.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone mentioned Jo Abbess' emails from Monckton yet in this context?


Horatio Algeranon said...

Swindler's list

Anonymous said...

A random nugget (courtesy of Stephen Mosher, #73122)

"Skeptics on the other hand are free to try all sorts of attacks. Then they pile on the ones that work. they are not rewarded for consistency. they are rewarded and lionized for coming up with new lines of attack. They want chaotic tactics. coordination happens after a tactic proves successful. they can and should throw many bodies at the problem, nobodies cares if the slip up. they are not held to account for saying inconsistent things. So ist not to their advantage to coordinate. To be sure, there are examples of coordinated attacks, but for the most part the skeptics success improves the less they engage in coordination prior to attack. SWARMING after an individual comes up with a successful tactic is the preferred method. decentralized."

-- Absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

Read a bit more of that thread -- my take on Mosher is that he's completely amoral -- a total sociopath.

The CIA would likely never hire -- I rather suspect they'd quickly find out that even the most grueling polygraph session wouldn't make him break a sweat (IMO, Mosher could go "Aldrich Ames" on them and never get caught).

Horatio Algeranon said...

Of course, we all know that Climategate was not a coordinated attack

And that Mister Edit will never speak, unless he has something to say...

willard said...

Some quasi-random links:

Let the reader wonder, in the backchannels of its mind, how MT's hyperbolic language can count as a description.

PS: widdl is the capcha.

Anna Haynes said...

Eli, please: in Blogger, go into Rabett Run's Settings, click the Comments tab, and under "Comment Form Placement", pick Full Page.

As it is, this thing is FUBAR.

Anna Haynes said...

BTW, this episode does smell to me like laying down cover for avoiding answering some uncomfortable Qs: why the $752k coincidence at CO2 Is Green, what's the almost $350k for "contract labor" at the Idsos' Center for the Study of CO2 and Global change about, and so on. (link)

Holly Stick said...

That quoted random nugget made me think of an analogy; the deniers are guerrilla fighters attacking a regular army. The guerillas have the advantage of good communications networks so they can coordinate some of their attacks, but they also take opportunites to cause small amounts of damage. What are their main goals? One would be to cut off the supply line of research funding.

The army in this case has the advantage of knowing the ground better than the guerillas.

andrew adams said...

A random nugget (courtesy of Stephen Mosher, #73122)

Can you provide a link for that (sorry if I'm being a bit dumb and it's already here somewhere)

willard said...


Here you go:



dhogaza said...

Anna: you can drag the lower right corner of the input box to increase its size.

"Read a bit more of that thread -- my take on Mosher is that he's completely amoral -- a total sociopath."

Whoever said that is right on. Unless amoral is too kind. He's on record as saying that we owe absolutely nothing to future generations, for instance.

BTW ... that poster helped get the model elected mayor of Portland years ago. Bud Clark rocks. Whoop whoop!

willard said...

In which it is induced that it's certainly not impossible that Eli and Bishop were talking about the same list.

Capcha is smiler.

willard said...

Wrong thread:

Some day, Lucia might be able provide an easier access to her posts than clicking on random comments. No archive, no Climate Links, no liquid layout, etc.

willard said...

Just posted there:

In her last set of comments that contain more than two thousand words, Lucia is still spreading disinformation.

Moderation at the Blackboard - Yes, No, Whatever?

willard said...

More moderation at The Blackboard:

Yes, No, Whatever?

andrew adams said...


Thanks for the link, although I now wish I hadn't asked as my brain hurts from reading the whole discussion.

willard said...

Lucia is now contesting that I reposted my comment above (10:49 here).
How I created the link is no mystery: I copied it from the address bar after I posted my comment (11:43 there); pasted it at RR (11:49); posted it (11:53) through Tumblr's bookmarklet there.
Why Lucia is spreading disinformation is less and less mysterious, now that permalinks suddenly appeared yesterday.

willard said...

> Lucia is now contesting that I reposted my comment above (10:49 here).

Add "in the right thread" between "I" and "reposted".

willard said...

Revisiting my notes, I note that the post **Yahoo Skeptic Listserve** has this appetizing URL:

Interestingly, Steve McIntyre recently published a post starting thus:

> In June 2003, Timothy Carter, a Climate Research editor then embroiled in the Soon-Baliunas dispute, sent Jones (CG2 – 2064) a copy of my June 15, 2003 post at a climate chat group [...]

So let's take stock:

For our good Bishop, it's a "forum" called **Climate Skeptics** [sic.].

For Lucia, it's a "Yahoo listserv."

For Steve, it's a "climate chat group."

Auditors might wonder why due diligence is not being paid to the references to the entity.